Bargain Slushie Maker Stockists

Slushie Maker Stockists

When the sun is high in the sky and you’re looking for an ice-cold refreshment, nothing could be better than a totally cool slushie! The awesome retro styled Slushie Maker gives you all the tools to create incredible ice cold drinks at home. This mains-powered Slushie Maker is super quick and easy to set up, simply plug in, switch on and add your favourite ingredients to create chilly creations in less than 15 minutes! Perfect for fruit smoothies and slushy cordials for kids or iced coffees and delicious cocktails for the grown-ups, you can experiment with endless recipes to make wondrous concoctions for the whole family to enjoy. The Slushie Maker is perfect for hosting, fitted with a one litre jug capacity (enough to make around four servings at once) and a professional pour spout for easy dispensing. And when you’re all done creating incredible cocktails, this handy maker is quick and easy to clean too!  Please note, alcohol takes longer to freeze than most liquids, therefore we would recommend adding the alcohol to the drinks after they have been frozen.

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Candy Floss Maker Pink

If you’ve ever been to a funfair – or even just seen one in...

If you’ve ever been to a funfair – or even just seen one in a movie – you might have fancied trying out some candy floss, that cotton-wool-esque confection that never looks less than delightfully delectable. Well, now you can bring the couture of confectionary to your home, with this amazing Candy Floss Maker. An incredibly simple-to-use device, this AC mains-powered candy floss maker uses new halogen technology that delivers more candy floss in less time than the more traditional heating systems of yore: you can literally watch as it turns granulated or caster sugar into fluffy candy floss before your eyes. Add in food colouring to give it that classic candy floss colour, or even add in different food essences to create a whole range of new and exciting flavours of candy floss. It’s easy to keep clean, with a dishwasher-proof bowl and splash guard, and it’s incredibly simple to use – it even comes with a set of instructions for you to refer back to should you get lost. Prepare to enjoy your candy-coloured treats! Contents: 1 x Candy Floss Maker 1 x Measuring Spoon 1 x Set of Instructions

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