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Special Circcumstances"...the words have sent chills down Tally's spine since her days as a repellent rebellious Ugly. Back then the Specials were a sinister rumour - frighteningly beautiful dangerously strong and breathtakingly fast. And now Tally's become one of them: a super-amped fighting machine engineered to keep the Uglies down and the Pretties stupid. But one tiny corner of Tally's heart still remembers something different. When she is ordered to stamp out the rebels of the New Smoke she is forced to make one last choice: carry out the mission she's been programmed to complete or listen to that faint yet persistent heartbeat telling her that something's wrong..."

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On Equal Terms eBook

"An adult desire... Sebastian Ferrari had accused Kate of being a spoiled, selfish child and his harsh words had made her angry. Why couldn't her stepbrother accept that she'd grown up and changed? Her feelings for..."


Christmas Nights eBook

"Millions, mistletoe & a merry, sexy Christmas A Bride for His Majesty’s Pleasure Ionanthe must pay the price for her sister’s mistake. She will leave her freedom at the castle doors. Recently crowned Prince..."


PM Yellow: Sun, the Wind and the Rain (PM Plus Non-fiction) Levels 8, 9

"This title includes some simple science-based verses for children to recite. The rhythmical patterns of the language will assist children in decoding unknown words. Yellow level titles offer opportunities to..."


Ring of Earth

"Young Samurai: The Ring of Earth" is the fourth book in this blockbuster series by Chris Bradford. Jack Fletcher is on the run with no sensei to guide him he has just his wits and his swords against many new and..."


The Space Between Us ebook

"--The Romance Reader"


Diary of a Wimpy Kid #6: Cabin Fever

"It’s Christmas – but the Heffleys are snowed in! Unable to get away from his irritating family, the Wimpy Kid is feeling far from merry…"


Darcy and the Single Dad ebook

"HOW COULD SOMETHING SO WRONG BE SO RIGHT? Nick Pirelli's little girl was growing up and she needed a mum - so he needed a wife! The local dating pool was shallow, but he was determined to find Ms Right...until..."


Shadow on the Crown

"Set in England when Vikings are on the brink of invasion this is an epic tale of seduction war and unrequited love from an outstanding new voice in historical fiction The year is 1001 and England is under threat...."


What Can You Stack on the Back of a Yak?

"A hilarious new story with fabulous pictures by an internationally acclaimed illustrator. Captain Quack and his loveable yak deliver the post to the mountains and back. At least, that’s the idea. But Yak loses..."


Layla the Candyfloss Fairy

"It's Kirsty's birthday and the girls are excited about going to the Wetherbury village fete. They head straight for the candyfloss stall - but the candyfloss is green and tastes horrid! Can the girls stop the pesky..."


PM Gold: The Asteroid (PM Storybooks) Level 22

"In the age of dinosaurs lived a little furry mammal called Tor. As Tor was so little she always had to hide from the dinosaurs. But one day an asteroid hit earth and it grew colder and colder and all the dinosaurs..."


Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy

"Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy makes Christmas a sparkly cosy and happy time with her three magical objects - the Magic Snowflake the Magic Firestone and the Festive Spirit. But Jack Frost and his goblins have..."



N or M?

"Tommy & Tuppence are hired to track down wartime spies at a seaside resort...It is World War II and while the RAF struggles to keep the Luftwaffe at bay Britain faces an even more sinister threat from 'the enemy..."

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