Bargain Star Wars Blueprint Millennium Falcon Pack Stockists

Star Wars Blueprint Millennium Falcon Pack Stockists

We’ve all dreamed of taking a flight on the Millennium Falcon, because there’s nothing better than cruising through the stars with Han Solo (at least that’s what Chewie tells us). This fun DIY pack won’t get you flying through space seeing distant planets but it will let you make your own Chewbacca and Han! The Star Wars Millennium Falcon Blueprint Pack contains everything you need to build your own Star Wars scene from paper. A detailed guide will take you through the steps of folding until you have a Millennium Falcon, a Millennium Falcon Cockpit, Han Solo with Blaster and a Chewbacca with Bowcaster.  Each piece is super easy to build with no need for scissors, tape or glue. Simply pop them out and you’re ready to go! Great for any Star Wars fan looking to build their own officially licensed Star Wars Memorabilia. 

Bargain Deal: £2.97

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