Bargain Stephen Dykes Bower Stockists

Bargain Stephen Dykes Bower Stockists

'Stephen Dykes Bower (1902-1993) was unique among twentieth century British architects as a sincere practitioner of Gothic design during the post-war period. He rejected modernism and continued traditions from the late Victorian period with an emphasis on fine detail craftsmanship and bright colour creating vibrant interiors in both new and old buildings.He built four completely new churches including the remarkable richly-patterned St John's at Newbury and at Bury St Edmunds his extension of a parish church into a cathedral was spectacularly completed in 2005 with the addition of a crossing tower designed by Warwick Pethers the last of his assistants.Most of Dykes Bower's work was in the context of older buildings including Westminster Abbey where he cleaned the grimy stonework of the interior and added sparkling colour to the monuments. At St Paul's Cathedral he created the sumptuous high altar and baldacchino. Parish churches across England bear witness to his skill and care and to the team of craftsmen in silver iron stone and decorative painting who carried out his designs. He gave his time to help clergy make beautiful churches the focus of social regeneration in Salford and Moss Side often finding homes for beautiful fittings thrown out of other churches.Although Dykes Bower seemed at odds with most of his contemporaries the current trend for 'New Ornamentalism' in architecture gives his work a particular relevance and the book reveals his skill in decorative design and its composition in space to a new generation.This book by Anthony Symondson is the result of many conversations with Stephen Dykes Bower and people who knew and worked with him. It follows the same author's major study Sir Ninian Comper (2006) which was one of Waterstone's best-selling architectural books and it will appeal to lovers of churches and their decoration and to professionals involved in church design and conservation.​This book has been commissioned as part of a series of books on Twentieth Century Architects by RIBA Publishing English Heritage and The Twentieth Century Society.Key Features:204 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2011

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Swindon: The Legacy of a Railway Town Stockists

'In the pioneering days of early Victorian railway engineering the decision of Gooch and Brunel to locate an engine house and works just to the north of Swindon led to the creation of a sizeable engineering enterprise and a new settlement.The Great Western Railway became by far the largest employer in the region and for more than a century the fortunes of the town were inseparably linked with the development of the railway.In 1984 however many of the works buildings were under threat due to rationalisation within British Rail Engineering Ltd. Consequently many of the buildings were listed and a photographic record was begun....

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The Hat Industry of Luton Stockists

Luton and its surrounding villages were the main centre of ladies' hat production in this country - making the region globally renowned.Highlights the significance of the surviving buildings of the hat industry and proposes a strategy for future conservation Part of the critically acclaimed Informed Conservation seriesAlthough perhaps best known today as the home of Vauxhall Motors Luton's industrial roots run much deeper. Long before it became associated with motor cars Luton was the centre of ladies' hat production in this country - a success founded upon the earlier regional industry of straw-plaiting....

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Ryder & Yates Stockists

For the first time a comprehensive account of the outstanding work of Ryder & Yates has been chronicled in this new book by Tyneside architect Rutter Carroll.Formed by Gordon Ryder and Peter Yates and heavily influenced by Le Corbusier and Berthold Lubetkin the practice dominated the development of modern architecture in the North East of England from the early 1950s where their uncompromising modernism put them in stark contrast to their contemporaries. Structured by building type the book attempts to reveal the principles of design particular to the practice of Ryder & Yates. It tells how from its formation in Newcastle...

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York Minster Stockists

York Minster is one of England's greatest Gothic Buildings and the repository for the largest single collection of medieval stained glass in Britain most of which remains in situ. This cathedral of the northern province which every year attracts thousands of pilgrims and visitors was built over a period of more than 300 years.This book charts the construction of the Minster as we see it today and traces its development which was by no means smooth and uninterrupted. Progress was checked by financial constraint Scottish wars the effects of plague political upheaval structural crisis local rebellion and sometimes the indifference...

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Berwick-upon-Tweed Stockists

Nikolaus Pevsner described Berwick-upon-Tweed as one of the most exciting towns in England a place where an absorbing historical tale can still be read in the dense fabric of its old streets and buildings. It attracts not only day-trippers and holidaymakers but also new residents who have learnt to appreciate the spirit of the place. But outsiders all too easily confine their attention to the space within the impressive Elizabethan ramparts while local people are sometimes unaware or dismissive of the wider significance of the very things that they know so intimately. Berwick deserves to be known better and to be celebrated...

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Boston, Lincolnshire Stockists

This book examines the history of Boston in Lincolnshire as reflected in its buildings and townscape from medieval times to the present day.Boston has a position as an important market from medieval times and as a major port with links with Europe and America. The homes and warehouses of its citizens show the evidence of this.Boston’s religious and public buildings are discussed and its physical expansion throughout the 19th and into the 20th century are examined. Other important influences on the town’s development include fen drainage the role of agriculture and manufacturing and transport links. Bringing the...

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Great Lengths - The Historic Indoor Swimming Pools of Britain Stockists

Swimming is Britain's most popular participation sport. Nearly one in four people swim at least once a month with around 80 million visits to swimming pools recorded every year. Surprisingly although public baths have formed a vital part of community life since an 1846 Act of Parliament their story has never been told in book form until now.Great Lengths the eighth book in the acclaimed Played in Britain series traces the development of indoor public baths and pools from the earliest subscription baths of the Georgian period and the first municipal baths in Liverpool in 1829 to the current generation of leisure pools with...

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Played in Tyne and Wear Stockists

It used to be said that whenever a football manager needed a goal scorer all he had to do was travel to the North East call down a mineshaft and up would pop a centre forward.But while the careers of Alan Shearer Raich Carter Bobby Robson Brian Clough and Jackie Milburn all attest to the famous description of the North East as 'the hotbed of football' the region's miners and shipbuilders were just as likely to be formidable boxers rowers runners cricketers or pigeon-racers.In Played in Tyne and Wear the 16th book in English Heritage's groundbreaking Played in Britain series architectural historian Lynn Pearson...

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Early Structural Steel in London Buildings Stockists

At its heart this book is an examination of how a new structural material - mass-produced steel came to be first applied to the buildings of one of the world's great cities. The focus is evolution and change in London's buildings and architecture in the late Victorian and early Edwardian period; its emphasis is unashamedly constructional. A great deal has been written about the shape style and ornament of metropolitan buildings of the period but comparatively little on their structural anatomy and physiology.The first part examines the technological developments and economic forces that brought structural steel into...

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Suffolks Defended Shore Stockists

Suffolk's Defended Shore presents an illustrated history of the development of military defences on the Suffolk coast using data collected as part of the English Heritage national survey. The survey involved the examination of both modern and historic aerial photographs which led to the creation of a detailed map of the archaeological remains on the county's coast. The results of the survey are dominated by evidence for the military defence of the coast reflecting the importance of the Suffolk coast in national defence strategies over many years. Extensively illustrated this book highlights the particular importance...

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