Bargain Superman Bookends Stockists

Superman Bookends Stockists

Everyone has their own Kryptonite – that one thing that makes them lose control. For us, it’s a messy bookshelf. Unsightly to look at and near impossible to reorganise, the sloppy mix of wonky reading material is a definite no no in our homes. So how do we fix this problem we hear you ask? Well, who better to bring peace to our shelves than a man of super strength, with laser eyes and tiny pants. The Man of Steel is our bookshelf saviour and as long as you don’t have any Kryptonite in your house, he will hold your books together with mighty force. Each ceramic Superman is poised ready to push against the books and keep your humble abode looking neat and tidy. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you to click add to basket, these heroes come in an awesome, retro comic strip box that any DC fan will enjoy!

Bargain Deal: £9.97

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