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T-Piece Adaptor Stockists

This is a training adaptor allowing especially Plantronics CS wireless headsets

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DA 55 Adaptor

"Plantronics DA55/DA60 provides exceptional sound quality and the flexibility to use any Plantronics headset (P or H range) with VoIP SoftPhones. USB port connection provides universal compatibility and independence..."


Vista Stub U3 plug

"Vista stub cable used to connect some telephones to a Plantronics amplifier."


Spare QD Conversion Cable (QD to 2.5 Mm Jack)

"Six inch black cable has a QD at one end and a 2.5mm connector plug at the other to allow a standard QD to attach to a 2.5mm socket."


Plantronics APN-91 NEC EHS

"This electronic hook switch cable is designed for remote desk phone call control (answer/end). This cable eliminates the need for a handset lifter."


Vista Stub U plug

"A cable used to connect the Vista Universal Adapter with a U plug (BP0430) and a telephone."


HIP cable for Avaya Telephones

"Black curly bottom cable, with a QD affixed to one end and a smoky grey US modular plug at the other. A coiled cable which is extendable to over 4m and only 2.5mm in diameter."


A10-11 Amplified Headset Connection Cable

"The Plantronics A10 inline corded amplifier is a simple, plug and play adaptor ideal for connecting all Plantronics corded headset styles to compatible telephones. It is a dedicated adaptor, so there are no controls..."


E10 U Bottom Cable (BPO430 Plug)

"E10 Bottom cable complete with U (BPO430) Plug"


Hic 1 Headset Cable

"Amplified bottom cable to fit the Avaya 6400 and 8400 telephones. The HIC 1 cable can be used on the handset port of the following models- Avaya 6402/6408/6416/6424/8403/8410/8434. It can also be used directly in..."


E10 Q Bottom Cable (Lemo Plug)

"E10 Bottom cable complete with Q (Lemo) plug"


Savi Office APC-40 Electronic Hookswitch Cable for Cisco

"The Plantronics Savi Office APC-40 Electronic Hookswitch Cable for Cisco communicates electronically with the phone, eliminating the need for a HL10 lifter. Enables One Touch Remote Call/Answer with Plantronics..."


Spare Conn/cable 3.5mm To QD

"Plantronics cable for use with Spectralink cordless telephones."


Y Connector Trainer Cable

"Allows another person to 'plug-in' to the conversation, avoids the purchase of a more complicated and costly system. Used for telephone training and monitoring calls. In-line switch allows the users to change..."


E10 S1 Bottom Cable (RJ11 Plug)

"E10 Bottom cable complete with S1 (RJ11) plug."


MO300 N3 enabling cable for Nokia

"The Plantronics MO300 enabling cable for intensive phone users wanting a professional headset for use on theirmobile phones. Users need the professional headset for all day comfort and absolute audio quality.The..."

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