Bargain T630 Bluetooth Speaker Stockists

T630 Bluetooth Speaker Stockists

For most of us, music is a powerful tool, it empowers us to work harder in the gym, it's an escape from talking to people in public places and it's a driving force for when we are... driving! The T630 Bluetooth Speaker is the new kid on the block and although smaller than its big brother (the T900) it packs a punch in terms of portability, sound quality and awesomeness. With 5 awesome multi-coloured LED themes you can take your party anywhere with this funky speaker! Club – watch your music bounce in time with the music. Lie the speaker flat and the animation rotates to pulse from the middle. (sound responsive) Equalize – the LEDs light up in a similar fashion to a graphic equaliser. Rotate the speaker to display the animation across the full speaker. (sound responsive) Groove – The speaker cycles through all the colours, one at a time. Rainbow – The ultimate party effect is the rainbow mode. Diagonal bands of colour light up the speaker. Meteor – bands of colour pulse up the speaker. Its compact design and handy carabineer clip mean that you can listen to your tunes on the move. You can use it as an external speaker by connecting with an AUX cable and it also has a useful hands free function. These speakers make it hip to be square!

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