Bargain Tacx i Flow Multiplayer Stockists

Bargain Tacx i-Flow Multiplayer Stockists

Tacx i-Flow Multiplayer The magic of cycling in Tacx’s virtual worlds can be experienced everywhere, even at the highest floor in a big city. Tacx Virtual Reality is so overwhelming that it grabs you and leaves you addicted to indoor cycling. Thanks to its excellent value for money the i-Flow makes training in Tacx’s virtual worlds accessible to everyone. This popular trainer with ergonomically shaped frame slightly rebounds while cycling. It is operated through the handlebar interface. The i-Flow includes the basic version of the Tacx Trainer software 4, with its many upgrade possibilities, and the manoeuvrable VR steering frame. With this steering frame you can optimally experience the interactive game element; every movement is immediately visible on the screen and you have the freedom to decide where you want to ride. Realistic cycling experience - The i-Flow has an electro-magnetic brake. It is less powerful than the motor brake – the wheel is not being driven – but does guarantee a very realistic cycling experience. You can really feel the rolling, air and incline resistances which you encounter while cycling, you immediately notice whether you are riding on a paved road, a wood path, through the sand or on the grass. The brake system consists of 6 magnets and a 2kg flywheel. The maximum resistance is 800 Watt. A great recommendation for i-Flow users is a Multiplayer license for half a year or a year. With this license you can race against other Tacx riders through the Tacx server. Tacx i-Flow Multiplayer Virtual Reality trainer Features: Including VR steering frame Interface on handlebar (USB) Communication between brake system, interface and PC through connecting cable and USB cable Cadence measurement CycleForce frame with slightly bent back frame; to make it rebound while cycling Adjustment set for various wheels with diameter 600 to 640mm & 690 to 710mm Tacx Trainer software 4, Basic: 2 computer animated Virtual Reality terrains Realistic films of well-known races (optional) Catalyst training programs Software licenses Upgrade to Advanced version (optional) Multiplayer web racing 1 year or 1/2 year (optional) GPS routes through Google Earth (optional) Electro brake: Brake system with 6 magnets and 2kg flywheel Maximum resistance: 800 Watt Buy Tacx i-Flow Multiplayer from Chain Reaction Cycles, the world's largest online bicycle store

Bargain Deal: £484.99

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Tacx Foxy Bottle Cage - White/Red Stockists

The Foxy is a new bottle cage that immediately stands out because of its special design. On the upper side the cage has two small ears, which strikingly resemble the ones of a fox. They allow the bottle cage to clamp very well. The design and the combination of two sorts of plastic guarantee a good guidance for the bottle and extra grip while cycling. Because the Foxy has been manufactured out of plastic, it is very lightweight. The Foxy is available in black or white. For the inner side you can choose from different colours, such as silver grey, blue and red. Therefore everyone can always exactly find the combination that...

'Tacx Foxy Bottle Cage - White/Red Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal


Tacx Trainerbag Stockists

The bag features specially designed, individual, touch and close inner compartments for computer or interface, skyliner, motor brake adaptor or other accessories. The front pocket is specifically intended for keeping training schedules or route descriptions.Tacx Trainerbag - T2960

'Tacx Trainerbag Deal' priced at £52.99  =>  Click for Deal


Tacx NetApp Water Bottle - 500ml, Green Stockists

Keep yourself hydrated while you cycle with the Shiva Pro Team NetApp water bottle from Tacx.

'Tacx NetApp Water Bottle - 500ml, Green Deal' priced at £3.00  =>  Click for Deal


Tacx UHC Water Bottle - 500ml, Blue Stockists

Keep yourself hydrated while you cycle with the Shiva Pro Team UHCwater bottle from Tacx.

'Tacx UHC Water Bottle - 500ml, Blue Deal' priced at £3.00  =>  Click for Deal


Tacx T4435 External BB Tool Stockists

Tacx tools enable anyone to work on their bike. Experienced mechanics in the top cycling teams use them on a daily basis on account of their high quality and dependability. They cannot do without them. However bike maintenance is not just the preserve of the specialists of this world. Key Features: Tacx T4435 External BB Tool - TL4435The Tacx Bottom Bracket Cup Tool made from a solid piece of hardened steel the face of the tool is double sided and made from plastic. This is so you will not damage your cups whilst fitting or removal and keeping the finish of you bottom bracket looking like new. Will fit Campagnolo, FSA,...

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Tacx T3000 Folding Workstand Stockists

Maintain your bike in the comfort of your own home with the Tacx T3000 Folding Workstand. Boasting hinged support brackets which allow you to tilt the bike forwards, it also comes with an adjustable, sliding tray to accommodate your tools, whilst the raised edge and front wheel guides prevent the handlebars from flipping over. Suitable for most types of bikes, except those with a diverging bracket, it will allow you to quickly and easily conduct simple repairs. - L.M. Features: Tacx T3000 Folding Workstand Hinged support brackets allow you to tilt the bike forwards Adjustable, sliding tray to rest your tools on Raised...

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Tacx Booster Trainer, Blue Stockists

Don't let the weather stop you from exercising with the Booster Trainer from Tacx. Carry on cycling with great power safely in your own home.

'Tacx Booster Trainer, Blue Deal' priced at £182.00  =>  Click for Deal


Tacx Jockey Wheels - S-Steel Bearings Stockists

Tacx Jockey Wheels - S/Steel BearingsThe Tacx Jockey Wheels - S/Steel Bearings, are a must-have for riders who want to push to the limit, such as Fränk Schleck during the prologue to the Tour of California 2009 Tacx jockey wheels are amongst the best in the market. They are unique thanks to the choice of materials used and their composition. The very smooth running jockey wheels by Tacx are manufactured from a resin composite that is very resistant to wear and equipped with quality precision bearings. Thanks to the closed bearings they will not get stuck, show play or squeak. For extreme circumstances, such as in mountain...

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Tacx Speed/Cadence Sensor Stockists

The Tacx Speed/Cadence Sensor. This Tacx sensor measures your speed and cadence and transmits this information wirelessly via ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart technology to the devices it is linked to, such as a smartphone, tablet, sports watch, GPS device, bike computer or Tacx trainer. Many sports devices used during training either use ANT+ or Bluetooth, but not both. The Speed & Cadence sensor uses both communication techniques, enabling you to keep track of your performance any way you want. Connect the sensor, for example, simultaneously to your smartphone via Bluetooth and to your sports watch via ANT+. Or check your...

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Tacx Trainer Quick Release Skewer - Rear Stockists

Tacx skewer for use with all turbo trainers, providing a secure fit for more aggressive training. Key Features: Tacx Trainer Quick Release Skewer - Rear - T1402Fits all hollow axle hubs. Rear skewer only. Compatible with all Turbo trainers. Can be left in place during road rides. Chrome finish.

'Tacx Trainer Quick Release Skewer - Rear Deal' priced at £5.99  =>  Click for Deal

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