Bargain Tank Bank Money Box Stockists

Bargain Tank Bank Money Box Stockists

Encourage savers of all ages to stow away their cash in this novelty ceramic money box. Its army tank shape has instant appeal to men and boys alike but once they know the story behind it they'll love it even more!The money box is inspired by the First World War's efforts to raise money for the war campaign. Battered army tanks were set up as tank banks and stationed in key towns and villages selling war bonds and certificates. Surrounded by pomp and ceremony and often with an important dignitary standing atop the tank they became hugely successful fundraisers for the National War Savings Committee.Paying homage to this successful wartime campaign this Tank Bank Money Box is just the thing for saving those pennies and pounds.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Mug Stockists

For all those of you who’ve always wanted to go to Hogwarts, we can’t make your Hogwarts letter come, (sorry guys, the dream is dead), but we can give you this awesome Hogwarts Crest mug as a consolation prize. With 350ml capacity, this fun little piece of fandom crockery is perfect for your morning cup of coffee or tea. The Hogwarts crest is printed proudly on it in deep burgundy on the front of the mug, with a Harry Potter logo and golden snith whizzing around on the reverse. Then inside the mug, a cool little Grimm design from Prisoner of Azkaban is visible on the bottom of the cup’s interior, adding yet...

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Star Wars Dinner Set Stockists

Complete your Empire, show off your Star Wars credentials and feel the force with every bite with this completely awesome Star Wars Dinner Set. The must-have home accessory for any disciple of the dark side or feeler of the force, this impressive printed set transforms your kitchen from dully un-Death Star to fantastically Jedi in an instant! This full 16-piece dinner set contains four dinner plates, four side plates, four mugs and four bowls styled with a sleek black glaze made from sturdy stoneware. Showing off the prowess of the Rebel Alliance X-Wing Starfighter, zooming through the universe with the Millennium Falcon,...

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Muppets Animal Bi-Folding Wallet Stockists

For almost sixty years we have enjoyed the presence of Kermit, Miss Piggy and Co on our TV screens and now you can enjoy this Muppets Animal Bi-Folding Wallet for your cash! Keep your money safe and sound in this nifty piece of memorabilia, made from PVC it can be easily wiped clean simply with a damp cloth. The black, funky wallet has 4 slots for cards (2 each side of the wallet). It also has a long, open pocket at the back for notes and receipts and a small, zipped section for coins. Animal is the primitive man and crazed drummer of Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem, the fictional band from The Muppet Show. This Muppets Animal...

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Storm Trooper Shaped Mug Stockists

Stormtroopers are known as the ever faithful protectors of the Galactic Empire, created as the elite shock troops of the Imperial Army. Loyal and trustworthy, the Stormtrooper’s are a favourite of the Star Wars franchise and remain as popular as ever. What stands them apart from any other army is their distinctive white armour and fearsome helmets. This awesome Stormtrooper shaped mug pays homage to the Galactic veterans, and will give an intergalactic twist to your kitchenware. Made from heat saving ceramics and with hand painted detailing, you’ll never miss a shot!

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Wookiee Cookie Tin Stockists

The most recognisable species in the galaxy, The Wookies. A tall, hairy beast like race, famous for their appearance in the Star Wars films. If you are a fan of the films and Star Wars in general, well now you can get your very own Wookie Biscuit Barrel. Comes complete with the face of Chewbacca, the co-pilot of Han's Solo's Ship, the Millennium Falcon on the front of the barrel and the words 'Star Wars' branded on the back of the barrel. Made from strong metal and is perfect to place in the kitchen or any Star Wars themed room. Keep your biscuits where this Wookie keeps his cookies, in this Wookie Biscuit Barrel. Makes a...

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Superman Bookends Stockists

Everyone has their own Kryptonite – that one thing that makes them lose control. For us, it’s a messy bookshelf. Unsightly to look at and near impossible to reorganise, the sloppy mix of wonky reading material is a definite no no in our homes. So how do we fix this problem we hear you ask? Well, who better to bring peace to our shelves than a man of super strength, with laser eyes and tiny pants. The Man of Steel is our bookshelf saviour and as long as you don’t have any Kryptonite in your house, he will hold your books together with mighty force. Each ceramic Superman is poised ready to push against the...

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Harry Potter Muggles Latte Mug Stockists

Anyone who spends hours on end fantasizing about being part of a wizarding world will understand the struggle of not being able to do anything exciting with a broomstick. You cannot fly that broomstick and most likely never will. So add a touch of wizarding magic to your home with this slightly magical Harry Potter mug. Stylish, practical and a must-have for any HP lover, fill this glorious mug with a whole lot of latte to ease the troubles of muggles. With the famous Hogwarts crest emblazoned on one side of the design and ‘Don’t let the muggles get you down’ on the other, Ron’s quote is the perfect...

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NASA Wallet Stockists

If you are looking for somewhere out of this world to stash your cash, then look no further than this officially licensed NASA Wallet. This cool zipped canvas wallet is a perfect gift for any space loving guy. Unzipping the wallet reveals the bright orange centre which is designed to match the colour or the Astronaut’s space suits. Here, you will find seven card holders, a large note compartment and a smaller zipped section. Presented in a NASA themed gift box, the front of the wallet features stitched on badges for the Apollo 1s, Apollo XVII and a classic NASA logo.

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Batman Character Kitchen Apron In A Tube Stockists

Are you looking for your Dark Knight? Someone to whisk you away from danger? Well the man in your life will do just that in this Batman Character Kitchen Apron! Who knows, maybe he will take it as a hint to cook that 'special meal' that he’s been promising you for weeks. In a world full of crime and corruption you can always count on Batman to save the day and this Batman apron will transform you into a culinary hero. Whether it’s to save you getting splashed when flipping burgers on the Barbie, or to stay focused when whipping up a work of art in the kitchen, this apron does it all. Made from 100% cotton and nicely...

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Cadbury's Roses Jigsaw Puzzle Stockists

Love Chocolate? Is it a challenge to resist having just one more when a box of chocolates has been opened? Then Cadbury has produced a new challenge in the shape of this Roses Box of Chocolates 500 piece Jigsaw Puzzle. It may look easy, but look again. Just try matching up the colours of those lovely cellophaned chocs and you’ll be reaching for a box of the real thing in no time to give you that added boost! The puzzle comes with a full size picture inside the box to help guide you. Once completed, measures 500mmx 350mm (approx 19.25 inches x 13.75 inches). Makes a great novelty birthday gift for the chocoholic you...

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