Bargain Tetris Light Stockists

Tetris Light Stockists

Some people may think that Russia is well-known for Vodka and men in furry hats but we think its greatest achievement is the creation of Tetris. Ever since 1984 we’ve been frantically rearranging blocks to arguably the most recognisable theme tune of all time. If you feel the Tetris love as much as we do then you’re gonna go crazy for this awesome, build-it-in-anyway-you-want, mood light. Seven brightly coloured lights in different Tetromino shapes illuminate once they come into contact with each other. All you need is one to be plugged into the mains to power a whole tower. The possibilities are endless for what you could create with these building blocks and it’s completely customisable so you can change it and rearrange it as often as you like. This is the perfect gift for retro lovers, gamers or anyone wanting to add a touch of multi-coloured awesomeness to a room. We challenge anyone not to sing the theme tune whilst arranging your masterpiece – we fail every time.

Bargain Deal: £17.47

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StockistProductPrice Light£17.47Visit Store
PrezzyboxTetris Light£24.99Visit Store
GettingPersonalTetris Light£29.99Visit Store
TruffleShuffle.comTetris Light£29.99Visit Store

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