Bargain The Cool Charger Stockists

The Cool Charger Stockists

We all love our phones, tablets, gamers and e-readers, they give us endless entertainment on a daily basis – but what we don’t love quite as much is running out of charge. Just when you’re in the middle of some awesome game or some pretty important chattage, the dreaded low battery sound spoils all our fun. Now, however many devices we have on the go (well, definitely up to four) you can keep fully juiced up without any worries. This four port USB Cool Charger provides multiple charging ports with charge indicator LEDs which lights up blue when not in use and red when charging, the LED then turns back to blue when the charging is complete. Easy peasy! So if you have a house full of tech, but not quite enough plugs, or you’re heading off on holiday and don’t fancy taking all your chargers with you, the Cool Charger has it sorted!

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