Bargain The Powerpuff Girls: Brain Freeze Stockists

Bargain The Powerpuff Girls: Brain Freeze Stockists

Meet the Powerpuff Girls – cute, fierce and saving the world! (In between eating ice cream.) The Towsnville Ice Cream Parlour is holding a contest to create a new flavour. Trouble is, the girls can’t agree on what the new flavour should be. Blossom wants a classic vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. Bubbles wants a triple-fudge extra-chocolate oozy-caramel delight. As for Buttercup, she wants …pizza flavour! Yuck/yum! But while the girls have their minds on sweet treats, Mojo Jojo has a not-so-sweet plan to destroy the Powerpuff Girls once and for all! Mwa ha ha! Look out for his monsters… Fun-filled easy reading for fans of the TV show First in a fantastic new series of books to collect Appealing blend of humour, sweetness and action Inspiring can-do role models for girls and boys

Bargain Deal: £2.99

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Ladybird Read It Yourself: Peppa Pig - Recycling Fun! Stockists

Are you just starting to read your very first books? Peppa Pig is here to help. She knows how it feels to start reading whole books on your own. So she wants to give you as much support as she can. Don’t be nervous. You’ll find lots of very easy words to get you started. Plus bright colour pictures to help you along if you get stuck. In this story, Peppa and her family are having fun sorting and recycling their rubbish. Miss Rabbit is busy recycling too – until she tries to recycle something she shouldn’t!

'Ladybird Read It Yourself: Peppa Pig - Recycling Fun! Deal' priced at £3.19  =>  Click for Deal


Cahills Vs Vespers: Day of Doom Stockists

The bestselling series returns with an even deadlier challenge as a new enemy is revealed to be searching for The 39 Clues too...Amy and Dan's race to save the hostages reaches its thrilling conclusion. Who will be victorious? The Cahills or the Vespers? More Library editions available: CAHILLS VS VESPERS 1: THE MEDUSA PLOT (9780545324090) CAHILLS VS VESPERS 2: A KING'S RANSOM (970545324106) CAHILLS VS VESPERS 3: THE DEAD OF NIGHT (9780545324120) CAHILLS VS VESPERS 4: SHATTERPROOF (9780545324137) and CAHILLS VS VESPERS 5 (9780545324151).

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Diary of Samuel Pepys Stockists

The 1660s represent a turning point in English history and for the main events - the Restoration the Dutch War the Great Plague the Fire of London - Pepys provides a definitive eyewitness account. Along with lively descriptions of his socializing his amorous entanglements his theater-going & music-making. Unequaled for its frankness high spirits & sharp observations the diary is both a literary masterpiece & a marvelous portrait of 17th-century life.

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PM Yellow: Here Come the Shapes (PM Plus) Level 6 Stockists

Little Red and Little Blue are fantasy characters. The clear shape of each character and the background of each illustration provide support for early mathematical learning. Yellow level titles offer opportunities to focus on initial consonants and consonant blends and present children with new vocabulary – one new word is introduced for every 20 familiar words. PM Plus offers a collection of 300 fiction and non-fiction books to complement PM Library. Includes a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction text types.

'PM Yellow: Here Come the Shapes (PM Plus) Level 6 Deal' priced at £4.90  =>  Click for Deal



GCSE Grades 9-1: Physics AQA Revision and Exam Practice Book Stockists

GCSEs are getting tougher. Are you ready for the all-new exams? Where can you get speedy, targeted support to help you pass with flying colours? Don’t panic: the answer is right here in our 2-in-1 GCSE revision and practice guide. Written by experts and exactly tailored to the latest exam board specifications. Get up to speed with quick revision activities, then test yourself with practice questions. Plus: get smart on the move with a handy app that lets you revise on-the-go. Snap it! Read it, snap it on your phone, revise it. Nail it! Examiner tips to help you get better grades. Stretch it! Discover the really tough stuff...

'GCSE Grades 9-1: Physics AQA Revision and Exam Practice Book Deal' priced at £11.99  =>  Click for Deal


His Duty to Protect eBook Stockists

Intrigue May 2012 Captain Ty Hamilton knows Rachel hates him, especially since he’d tried to sabotage her military career. Until a mission goes awry leaving Ty and Rachel stranded in enemy territory. And with their lives at stake, old hatreds become trivial – and new, unexpected feelings awaken…

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Holiday Home Stockists

The latest wonderfully witty novel from Britain's favourite TV presenter Fern Britton. Two sisters. One House. The holiday of a lifetime...Set on a Cornish cliff Atlantic House has been the jewel in the Carew family crown for centuries. Each year the Carew sisters embark on the yearly summer holiday but they are as different as vinegar and honey. Prudence hard-nosed businesswoman married to the meek and mild Francis is about to get a shock reminder that you should never take anything for granted. Constance loving wife to philandering husband Greg has always been outwitted by her manipulative sibling. Suspecting that...

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From Playboy to Papa! / Tempting the Texas Tycoon book Stockists

Desire January 2011 From Playboy to Papa! Once Rafe learned he had an heir, he was determined to get the child under his roof. Only the boy’s guardian, Nicole Livingstone, stood between him and his desire. No one denied a Medici and if it took seduction to win over Nicole, Rafe was happy to oblige. Tempting the Texas Tycoon He’d bought her fair and square. The charity auction gave millionaire Noah Brand the perfect opportunity to sweep Faith Cabrera off her feet. Now the cool beauty could no longer avoid him. For one day…and night… he had his competitor at his mercy.

'From Playboy to Papa! / Tempting the Texas Tycoon book Deal' priced at £4.50  =>  Click for Deal


Bella's Disgrace book Stockists

Bella Balfour, fashion icon and wild child, is enjoying herself. Her father has sent her to the middle of nowhere - it must be to punish her for her scandalous behaviour. She has to get back to civilisation! So Bella steals a horse and heads for the nearest city: the sheikhdom of Al-Rafid. Bella finds herself trapped in teh desert with devastatingly gorgeous Sheikh Zafiq Al-Rafid and, on a whim, pretends to be an anonymous, everyday girl.

'Bella's Disgrace book Deal' priced at £3.19  =>  Click for Deal

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