Bargain The Tunnel: Sabotage   Series 2 (DVD) Stockists

The Tunnel: Sabotage - Series 2 (DVD) Stockists

Clámence Poásy and Stephen Dillane return for the second season of multi-award winning series THE TUNNEL. This tense, high octane geopolitical thriller sees our investigative duo pragmatic, meticulous and newly promoted Commander Elise Wassermann and laconic but brilliant DCI Karl Roebuck reunited to investigate the case of a French couple abducted from the Eurotunnel, leaving behind their traumatised young daughter. But when a plane carrying British and French passengers crashes in the Channel, killing everyone on board, they have far bigger questions to answer. The pair pick their way through clues thrown up by a vast field of debris, forging connections as they go. But sinister and complicated forces are at play and in a terrifying game of brinksmanship, Karl and Elise will have to risk everything in the pursuit of true justice. It is the beginning of a lethal mystery that will change both Karl and Elise's lives and see many more lost before they can unravel the dangerous and corrupted forces at play in THE TUNNEL: SABOTAGE. Running Time: 360 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 6 Jun. 2016

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