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The Underbelly Files (DVD) Stockists

Starring: Sullivan Stapleton, Brett Climo, Greg Stone, Jane Allsop, Dimitri Baveas, Annie Jones Acclaimed Australian crime drama, UNDERBELLY is based on actual events that took place from 1976-1987. The Sopranos is fiction. Underbelly is not. TELL THEM LUCIFER WAS HERE For two young police officers, a night in the back roads of Moorabbin, Victoria, was just a routine surveillance operation, but Rod Miller and Gary Silk had no inkling it was to be the last night of their lives, coldly shot by two men on a getaway from robbing a local diner. Detective Inspector Paul Sheridan and a crew of investigators determined to find the killers, but the men Sheridan was convinced lay behind the crime proved to be ruthless opponents. INFILTRATION Colin McLaren was a Victorian detective with an appetite for the most difficult cases. So, when the chance came to go undercover with the Australian branch of the Calabrian Mafia, McLaren grabbed it with both hands and gave it his all. It was the most dangerous 18 months of his life, but also the most thrilling time he ever knew, and resulted in 11 of the country s most villainous Mafiosi being sent to prison. THE MAN WHO GOT AWAY David McMillan was born in to a wealthy background, but he chose a life of crime and by his early 20s had made the Interpol Top 10 Most Wanted list. His partner in crime was also the love of his life, Clelia Vigano. Together they were an unstoppable force until she lost her life in a prison fire. McMillan blamed himself, and the guilt spurred him on to even greater risks. His journey ended in Thailand's notorious Klong Prem Central Prison the ‘Bangkok Hilton' – facing a firing squad…or did it? Release Date: 7th November 2016 Year of production: 2011 Running Time: 360 min Cat No: 166454 Barcode: 5019322664543 No Disc: 3 Certification: TBC Format: DVD

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