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The Wars of the Roses is a compelling version of the RSC s landmark production of William Shakespeare s Henry VI trilogy and Richard III. Adapted and directed for the stage by Peter Hall and John Barton, The Wars of the Roses was acknowledged on its premiere in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1963 as one of defining Shakespeare productions of the post-war years. Working with a stellar cast including Ian Holm, Peggy Ashcroft, David Warner and Janet Suzman, Hall and Barton conjured up a vivid medieval world to reveal how the manoeuvrings and mendacities of the fifteenth century are echoed by politicians in our own time. The BBC harnessed state-of-the-art production techniques to capture the three plays on John Bury s mammoth and menacing steel set. As BBC executive Michael Bakewell said at the time, his aim was to get to the heart of the production , and these recordings have an immediacy and intensity that has rarely been equalled by Shakespeare on television. The Wars of the Roses is presented here in its original form, as three plays first broadcast in 1965 and unseen since then. Recently digitally restored, the trilogy can now be recognised as one of the greatest achievements of the Royal Shakespeare Company and of British television in the 1960s. Extras include a 20-minute film, Making The Wars of the Roses, which features interviews with original cast members David Warner and Janet Suzman. They discuss their experiences of being part of one of the mightiest stage productions of our time. Bernard Levin wrote in the Daily Mail that is was a production of epic, majestic grandeur, a landmark and a beacon in post-war English theatre. About the Director In the 15th century, medieval England was torn apart by a titanic power struggle between two great rival families the House of Lancaster and The House of York. The prize for the victor would be the throne of England. The war raged across the land from 1455 to 1485, with Henry Tudor of the House of Lancaster finally crushing the forces of York and killing their leader Richard III on the field of battle at Bosworth. Over 2 hours long, The Wars Of The Roses tells the whole fascinating story of the epic conflict by using full scale reconstructions and recreations. Graphic animation clearly explains the movements and tactical intentions of each army; while narrated eyewitness accounts from soldiers, statesman, courtiers and scribes add a vivid insight from those who were there. Respected historians and scholars provide expert analysis and especially shot footage of the battlefields as they are today completes the most ambitious film history of this conflict ever produced. Main Chapters:- Kings, Nobles and France, Absence of a leader, Rebellion, First Battle St Albans, Bloreheath & Ludford Bridge, Sandal Castle, Mortimer s Cross & Towton, No Quarter Promised, Polt Against the King, Richard III, Henry Tudor, Bonus footage: Towton Graves forensic analysis of the skeletons from the recently discovered mass graves. Narrated by Mike Cooper, who regularly works with the BBC World Service, The History Channel and The National Geographic Channel Towton today June 2011 The Batte of Towton rarely gets a mention and yet new evidence is coming to the conclusion that this was Britain s Bloodiest Battle. Nearly 30,000 Englishmen died on this one day. This year marks the 550th anniversary of the engagement, which had between 50,000 and 80,000 soldiers taking part in the Palm Sunday (29th March 1461) battle. With experts beginning work in June 2011, they could unearth Britain s biggest mass graves and re-write history. As we know, it is the winners that write history and with Towton being a Yorkist victory, it is no surprise there is little record of it. The Tudors finally won the day at Bosworth and this is where the civil war finally ended Contributions from:-Towton Battle Society,The Royal Armouries, Leeds and Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre Demonstrations by the European Combat Guild and The Knights of Middle England --This text refers to an alternate DVD edition. Running Time: 505 minutes Region: All Regions Subtitles: English Release Date: 28 Jun. 2016

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