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The incredible Thinking Putty from Crazy Aaron’s lab is the truly mesmeric mind blowing putty for kids and adults alike. This stress relieving, hand exercising, totally fun, completely addictive and mind expanding goo is utterly amazing and makes the perfect gift for any age. Packed into attractive tins, there are plenty of varieties of thinking putty to keep you busy, with an amazing range of magical colours, incredible illusions and squishy awesomeness to help with co-ordination, hand strength and a definite cure for rainy day boredom! Your Thinking Putty can be snapped, bounced, stretched, smashed, squished and melted, and this dilatant compound can be shaped into to any form, spread like a liquid or shattered like a solid! Totally bonkers! Super Illusions The Super Illusions Thinking Putty produces colours like you’ve never seen before! These mystifying concoctions produce a variety of original colours in glittery, shiny and dazzling glory, changing in relation to the angle of the light. It has an incredible memory effect that when shaped, the putty slowly returns to its previously moulded shape. You can even tear it and the fantastical colours appear different on the inside, then simply stretch the putty to make it shiny again! Heat Sensitive Hypercolour The Heat Sensitive Hypercolour Thinking Putty is the incredible thermochromic goo, responding to touch from anything warm, whether it’s your hands, a cup of coffee or the cat – the hypercolour putty reveals its own new ‘hot’ colour. Then, to cool the putty back down, stick it in the fridge or pop it outside in the cold and the heat sensitive putty will turn back to its normal colour! Magic! Play around with the temperature and produce a rainbow effect all of your own! Phantoms As spooky as they sound, this amazing Thinking Putty is unlike any other. With phenomenal magic built-in, this mystical light reactive formula creates colours all of their own that react to UV light. Changing from pale and interesting to bright and vibrant, the Phantom Thinking Putty includes a back-light keychain allowing you to draw and decorate your putty! These shimmery concoctions are not only light-reactive but glow in the dark for up to 12 hours too! Awesome! Super Magnetics The Super Magnetics Thinking Putty is the mind-blowing putty with incredible magnetic properties! It can be stretched, shaped, moulded, and played with just like all the other amazing Thinking Putty, but in the presence of a magnetic field, magnetic forces begin to align, attracting one magnetic pole and repelling another! Truly amazing!   Whatever type of Thinking Putty you choose, these fantastical concoctions will keep you entertained for hours and mesmerised for a lifetime!

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