Bargain Trollbeads Bead Winter Silver Stockists

Trollbeads Bead Winter Silver Stockists

Trollbeads Bead Winter Silver Supplier Model Number 61717 Bead Only

Bargain Deal: £52.00

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Trollbeads Silver Glass Saffron Facet Bead

"Perfect for adding a vibrant pop of colour, this gorgeous sterling silver and glass Saffron Facet bead from Trollbeads is inspired by the warmth of saffron.  Gathered from the crocus, the warm saffron colours..."


Trollbeads Silver Wisest of Souls Bead

"Designed in an eye-catching new barrel shape, this beautiful sterling silver Trollbeads Wisest of Souls bead is a reminder that slow and steady wins the race. Made for collecting, this stunning bead is designed..."


Trollbeads Silver Glass Trollbeads Day 2015 Bead

"Designed to celebrate Trollbeads Day 2015, this beautiful silver and glass bead is inspired by the break of dawn. Capturing a moment of harmony and inner peace, this stunning sterling silver and glass bead features..."


Trollbeads Bead Daylight Silver

"Trollbeads Bead Daylight Silver Supplier Model Number 11296 Bead Only"


Trollbeads Bead Light Blue Braid D

"Trollbeads Silver & Glass Light Blue Braid Charm Bead 61166 - This beautiful bead features coiled pieces of light blue and turquoise strands, it looks good enough to eat! Let your creativity run wild with our large..."


Trollbeads Bead Baby Troll

"Trollbeads Baby Troll Silver Charm - 51737 This naught baby is sitting on a trollstone, sticking his tongue out. trollstones are very rare and only trolls know where to dig them up, once they find one they keep..."


Trollbeads Bead Silver Falcon

"Falcon Bead- 11183. A wish for those who want to stay together for life. Let you creativity run wild with our large collection of Trollbeads mixing up the themed beads with the colourful and patterned glass beads,..."


Trollbeads Bead Lapis Lazuli Silver

"This beautiful deep midnight coloured bead with sparkly flecks. The Lapis Lazuli brings matters more clearly to the mind. The stone is found in both eastern and western parts of the world. Please note: These genuine..."


Trollbeads Bead Silver House Charm

"Trollbeads House Silver Charm 11467 - Home is where the heart is, home is where we all should feel we can truly relax, Let your creativity run wild with our large collection of Trollbeads mixing up the themed beads..."


Trollbeads Silver Soul Of Flowers Bead

"Symbolising that “each flower is a soul opening out to nature”, this Trollbeads silver soul of flowers bead is perfect for bringing meaningful style to the everyday. Loved for creating lasting memories,..."


Trollbeads Silver Calcite Rock Bead

"This striking Trollbeads bead is made from calcite rock, which is said to boost your memory and is essential to people working in healing. Showcasing unique inclusions and colour, this Trollbeads silver calcite..."


Trollbeads Holly Berry Silver Bead

"As winter approaches, this Trollbeads Holly Berry silver bead is a must-have for your bracelet. Crafted in sterling silver, this beautiful bead showcases a stunning holly bush with the most intricate detail and..."


Trollbeads Pendant Fantasy Elephant Silver

"Trollbeads Pendant Fantasy Elephant Silver Supplier Model No.: TAGPE-00039"


Trollbeads Bead Forest Anemones Silver

"Trollbeads Bead Forest Anemones Silver Supplier Model Number 61443 Bead Only"


Trollbeads Bead Light Green Stripe

"Trollbeads Light Green Stripe Silver Glass Bead 61377 - The combination of the most fresh shades of green, they are delicate and crisp. Alternating stripes of frosted and transparent glass these reflect the light..."

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