Bargain Umbra Saddle Sink Caddy Red Stockists

Bargain Umbra Saddle Sink Caddy Red Stockists

Helping to keep your sink area tidy and providing a welcome splash of colour at the same time, the Umbra Saddle Sink Caddy is designed to perch on the divide of a double sink, providing you with useful storage space where once there was none. Plonk your dish scrubbers, stainless steel soaps and scourers within the rubber pockets of the Umbra Saddle Sink Caddy, and you’ll soon wonder how you ever coped without this high level of convenience around the sink! Please note: scrubbers are not included. Umbra Sandle Sink Caddy Red Specifications Material: Rubber Dimensions: 11cm x 11cm x 14cm Designer: Ross & Doell Fits Standard Double Sink

Bargain Deal: £5.00

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Umbra Saddle Sink Caddy Avocado Stockists

Keep your sponges and other cleaning accessories close to hand with this funky sink tidy. In a vibrant avocado green, this Umbra Saddle Sink Caddy is the ideal addition to double sinks. This rubber caddy not only looks great, but also means that you will never lose a sponge again – everyone’s a winner! The tiny holes at the bottom of the Umbra caddy will ensure that not only do you know where your cleaning items are, but will prevent them getting smelly and soggy. Umbra Saddle Sink Caddy Avocado Specifications Material: Rubber Colour: Avocado Dimensions: 11cm x 11cm x 14cm Designer: Ross & Doell Fits Standard...

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Umbra Saddle Sink Caddy Smoke Stockists

This deep grey sink tidy is perfect for keeping all areas of your kitchen sleek and stylish without neglecting the sink area. Excellent for popping your cleaning sponges in and keeping your dishwashing accessories at hand, the Saddle Sink Caddy Smoke will fast become a kitchen favourite. Also featuring small holes in the base for drainage, this cleaning caddy really does make a fab solution to soggy sponges. In a deep, dark grey, the Saddle Sink Caddy Smoke makes an excellently practical addition to your kitchen décor. Umbra Sandle Sink Caddy Smoke Specifications Material: Rubber Colour: Smoke Dimensions: 11cm x 11cm...

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Umbra Saddle Sink Caddy White Stockists

The perfect accessory for your double sink, the Saddle Sink Caddy White helps you keep your most useful kitchen cleaning tools at hand. There’s nothing as annoying as having to fish around in the bottom of the washing up bowl for your dish sponge, this flexible caddy from Umbra is excellent for keeping a grip on your cleaning accessories. This white sink tidy also features small holes in the bottom for drainage. In a bright white, the Saddle Sink Caddy White is clean, stylish and won’t interfere with your existing kitchen décor. Umbra Sandle Sink Caddy White Specifications Material: Rubber Colour: White...

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Umbra Splat Sink Strainer Avocado Stockists

Prevent food waste from getting stuck in your plug hole with this designer cover from Umbra. The Splat Sink Strainer in Avocado is both trendy and practical – a must-have addition to your kitchen. The cover looks like a green paint splat, however don’t be fooled by its fun shape! This sink strainer means business – and using it means you don’t have to face the trauma of fishing out bits of last night’s dinner from your plug hole. You can easily move any collected food waste to your bin by picking up the strainer using the central handle. In a gorgeous avocado green, the Splat Sink Strainer will...

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Umbra Corner Can - Red Stockists

Is space an issue in your interior? Then get caught red-handed with this quirky swing top Umbra Corner Can in Red! The perfect shape and size to fit snuggly in a kitchen, utility room or bathroom, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without this space-saver. The bin features an inner retention ring to keep that bin bag secure. The swing top makes the can easy to use, empty, and clean – let’s face it, life’s too short to spend time cleaning a bin! The striking red colour will make the bin a funky yet practical addition to any space… Bins have never been so exciting! Why not have a different colour...

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Umbra Red Skinny Bin Stockists

As the name would suggest, the Umbra Red Skinny bin is indeed a rather slender affair. At just 17cm wide, this space saving office bin is simply ideal for popping between desks, or for fitting in nooks and crannies that your regular bins couldn’t even dream of squeezing into. Not just space saving but also pretty hot in the design stakes too, it’s no surprise the Umbra Skinny Bin has been penned by international design superstars Karim Rashid and David Quan. With a single integrated handle and an abundance of sensual curves, this red space saving bin is a great way to give your interior a designer touch. Umbra Skinny...

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Umbra Birdie Hooks x 3 Stockists

The perfect perch for you most precious possessions, these Umbra Birdie Hooks are designed to fix to your wall and provide you with the most stylish of storage solutions. With clever concealed magnets in each, the Umbra Birdie Hooks aren’t just ideal for coats, hats and scarves, they will also happily hold your keys, and even notes and cards in the slot in their beak! The Umbra Birdie Hooks come in a set of three, and come supplied with all mounting hardware. The bodies of these clever magnetic bird coat hooks are shaped like the cutest of birds, which adds an instant touch of character and charm to your interior. Umbra...

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Umbra Clipper Hook - Set of 3 Stockists

Fee-fi-fo-fum, giant coat hooks, heaps of fun! Don’t worry, you’ve not unwittingly entered a land of giants; these Umbra Clipper Hooks are actually coat hooks designed to look like the huge bulldog clips that we’ve all got our fingers trapped in at some point or other. Rather than chucking your coats, bags and brollies on the floor, or on the kitchen work surface, now you can store them in style up on your wall in a most eye-catching manner. You can either clip your bags and coats into this set of 3 funky coat hooks, or alternatively hang them over the top. We would always recommending using the clip method,...

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Umbra Clothesline Shadowbox Stockists

If cool and crafty is your game, then you should certainly check out this photo and trinket display box from Umbra. The Umbra Clothesline Shadowbox offers you an enclosure in which to collate, create and display a collection of photographs and articles with personal meaning to you. Consisting of a plain white box with glass front and two twine clotheslines complete with mini clothes pegs on which to hang themed articles, the Umbra Clothesline Shadow Box makes the perfect funky gift to celebrate a new-born baby, wedding, or world travels. Umbra Clothesline Shadow Box Specifications Material: Wood, twine Dimensions: 43 x 50cm,...

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Umbra Conceal L Bookshelf Stockists

Store your latest reads and old favourites in a cool and convenient way with this contemporary bookshelf from Umbra. With its clever concealed wall fixings and hidden brackets, the Umbra Conceal L Bookshelf gives the impression that your book collection is not only a fine literary read; it also has gravity defying properties! The ideal way to give your books a little lift, clear table surfaces, and create a captivating illusion on your feature wall, the Umbra Conceal L Bookshelf turns book storage into an art. Formed in solid wood and finished in black, this unique and modern book holder will suit any clean-cut home or office....

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