Bargain Uvex Race 1 Helmet 2017 Stockists

Bargain Uvex Race 1 Helmet 2017 Stockists

Uvex Race 1 HelmetThe Uvex Race 1 Helmet offers aggressive aero looks, ultimate protection, and an accurate fit. With its Double InMould construction and Roll-over-bar technology, it provides outstanding safety. Also, thanks to Uvex’s advanced IAS-2K closure and infinitely adjustable FAS strap system a perfect fit is guaranteed. It also features 20 integrated vents to ensure you remain cool on even the hottest rides Features:Material: EPS inner shell, Polycarbonate outer shellDouble InMould technologyRemovable and washable vent padsIAS 2K height and width adjustment systemInfinitely adjustable FAS strap systemComfortable Monomatic closureRoll over bar provides optimal pressure distribution in a crash20 integrated ventsEN 1078/TÜV GS/CE approved Buy Uvex Protection from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.

Bargain Deal: £89.99

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Uvex Quatro Helmet 2017 Stockists

Uvex Quatro HelmetThe Uvex Quatro Helmet features a unique design and construction that will give you the confidence to rip up your local trail. The Double InMould area on the lower rear section of the helmet provides extra protection to this fragile area. Precise Fit, Excellent VentilationThe Quatro is perfect for day long trail sessions, thanks to 17 integrated ventilation channels and a visor that can be adapted to suit the trail's slope, ensuring there’s nothing obstructing your view. Uvex’s IAS closure system and FAS strap design ensures a perfect, individual, and comfortable fit Features:Material: EPS inner shell,...

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Uvex Jakkyl Hde Chin Guard 2017 Stockists

Uvex Jakkyl Hde Chin GuardThe Uvex Jakkyl Hde Chin Guard is a replacement chin guard for the Jakkl Hde helmet should you require a replacement for a damaged or misplaced guard Features:Compatibility: Jakkyl Hde Enduro helmetGenuine replacementEasy to fitBuy Uvex Protection from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.

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Uvex Jakkyl Hde Helmet 2017 Stockists

Uvex Jakkyl Hde HelmetThe Uvex Jakkyl Hde Helmet fits what Enduro ultimately stands for versatility and the ability to adapt to any terrain, any trail situation and every adventure. This helmet offers full-face protection on the Downhill Enduro sections and the chin protector can also be removed should a more All-Mountain or Trail section be next on the agenda halfway down the mountain Designed for Every Trail SituationThanks to the interchangeable helmet interior and detachable chin protector, the Jakkyl Hde is a helmet designed for every Trail situation. Should you spend a considerable part of your ride climbing, boosting...

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Uvex Quatro Junior Helmet 2017 Stockists

Uvex Quatro Junior Helmet The Uvex Quatro Junior Helmet provides a huge level of protection for the small heads of children. The IAS sizing system combined with the adjustable FAS strap allow for easy fine tune adjustment to get the safest settings for a kid Exceptional Level of ProtectionThe Quatro Junior Helmet is guaranteed to provide the best possible fit, perfect comfort and exceptional level of protection upon every use. The tough and high-endurance impact resistant Inmould construction ensures the highest levels of head safety Features:Construction: InmouldFit: Monomatic, IAS, FASVentilation: 9 VentsCertification: EN...

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Uvex Hlmt 9 Helmet 2017 Stockists

Uvex Hlmt 9 HelmetThe Uvex Hlmt 9 Helmet provides extreme protection for the most intense area of Mountain Biking. As well as providing exceptional protection for Downhill riding, the Uvex Hlmt 9 will keep your head dry and cool thanks to the cleverly placed ventilation system Keeping a Cool HeadThe inner lining absorbs and precipitates heat and sweat away from the rider's head to keep it cool. When total concentration is required when riding at high speeds across hazardous terrain, keeping a cool head is a real bonus Features:Material: HardshellInnershell: EPSPadding: Anti AllergenicAdjustment: Quick closeVentilation: 14 VentsCertification:...

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Uvex FX Goggle 2017 Stockists

UVEX FX GoggleThe UVEX FX Goggle provides clear vision and comfort thanks to the Climatic Membrane, which keeps the optics fog free and the extra wide rubber straps that stop it from moving around when riding Anti-fog Combined with a High Level of ComfortThe specially coated Supravision anti-fog lens combined with the Climatic Membrane makes the concern of goggles fogging up when riding a thing of the past whilst also retaining a high level of comfort and safety Prevents 100% of UVA, UVB and UVCThe lens coating has been designed with integrated UVA, UVB and UVC absorbers, which prevents your eyes being exposed to 100% (up to...

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Uvex Finale Junior LED Helmet 2017 Stockists

Uvex Finale Junior LED Helmet The Uvex Finale Junior LED Helmet has the same design, fitting and adjustment settings as the adult version, but tailored specifically for kids Fully Adjustable, Fully ProtectedThe helmet is fully adjustable to fit any head shape or size, putting your mind at rest when you go hitting the trails with your kids, knowing they are fully protected. The 11 ventilation channels ensure that kids do not overheat when out on the bike and went it gets dark; the integrated LED on the back of the helmet keeps them visible and safe Features:Material: InmouldInnershell: EPSVisibility: plug-in LEDAdjustment: FAS,...

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Uvex Downhill 2000 Goggle 2017 Stockists

Uvex Downhill 2000 Goggle The oversized construction of the Uvex Downhill 2000 Goggle offers exceptional eye protection. Whether you are riding in dusty conditions, wet trail situations or have flicked up a chunk of mud, it all slides easily off the lens without sticking to the frame and blocking your vision 100% UV Protection and Complete Anti-foggingThe extra wide strap stops the goggle from moving around whether your wear it over or under the helmet. As the lens has 100% UV protection and complete anti-fogging properties, it not only looks cool but also protects against harmful infrared light Features:Comfort: Adaptable...

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Uvex Kid 2 Helmet 2017 Stockists

Uvex Kid 2 HelmetThe lightweight Uvex Kid 2 Helmet is designed to provide protection for children from the ages of 1-3 years old. It is perfectly for kids using ride on toys, scooters and balance bikes or for added protection when they are riding in a child seat Safety for ChildrenThe helmet structure has been specifically designed to provide extended coverage around the back of the head, making it safer for children. The strategically placed air vents ensure a pleasant head climate whilst also protecting from harmful UV rays; all combined with a high quality comfortable liner Features:Construction: Inmould Fit: Monomatic,...

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Uvex Race 5 Helmet 2017 Stockists

Uvex Race 5 HelmetThe Uvex Race 5 Helmet is designed for pros and for those who take their sport seriously. With its high impact outer shell and Double InMould construction, ultimate protection is achieved. Also, as it’s equipped with the UVEX IAS-2K width and height sizing system, it offers an accurate, comfortable, and individual fit. It has vent pads with integrated carbon fibres that wick away sweat and prevent bacterial growth and 23 integrated vents, which ensure an outstanding cooling effect Features:Material: EPS inner shell, Polycarbonate outer shellDouble InMould technologyHigh impact shellRemovable and washable...

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