Bargain VEX Screw Lift Stockists

VEX Screw Lift Stockists

The VEX Screw Lift brings together engineering, mechanics and play into one fun educational toy. This fantastic Screw Lift uses the principles of the Archimedes Screw which was first invented thousands of years ago in ancient empires. The 170 piece set puts principles into action, giving you everything you need to build your very own fully functioning model. Made from simple click together pieces and easy to follow instructions budding builders and engineers will be able to build their very own mechanism without the need for glue, batteries or specialist tools.   Once completed children can learn as they play, teaching kids (and adults alike!) about kinematics, linkages and reciprocal motion using the gears to turn, the axles to twist and setting the balls rolling as you turn the handle. And when you’ve had your fill of ancient architectural fun, you can turn your hand to the two other designs that come with this fantastic set that includes a tank and sabre to build too. Even better is that all pieces in your VEX Screw Lift are fully compatible with other VEX sets giving you a world of possibilities to discover! 

Bargain Deal: £14.99

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