Bargain Vegetarian Nosh for Students Stockists

Vegetarian Nosh for Students Stockists

This is the 2nd edition of Vegetarian Nosh for StudentsA. This edition has a completely new layout new photography and includes 30% more recipes. Originally a sequel to a book inspired by the author's son Ben leaving for university who was clueless in the kitchen. Toasted sandwiches and Mars Bars were his staple diet but these didn't serve him too well! What was needed to encourage him to cook was an easily attainable taste of home oh and pictures with every recipe! Nosh for StudentsA" was born. Since then Joy has helped over 100 000 students get cooking with her straightforward and simple approach. Joy helps to take the chore out of cooking giving students a taste of success and making the experience so much fun. Voted Best Overall WinnerA" of vegetarian student cookbooks by student-testers at The Vegetarian Society August 2007."

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