Bargain Vigne Nordic Hiball Tumblers 7.7oz / 220ml (Pack of 6) Stockists

Vigne Nordic Hiball Tumblers 7.7oz / 220ml (Pack of 6) Stockists

With a smooth, elegant shape, the Vigne Nordic Hiball Tumblers are the perfect addition to your glassware cabinet. These glass won't look out of place at any dinner table and are also ideal for enjoying drinks at the bar. Made with Arcoroc's Kwarx glass,

Bargain Deal: £9.99

Vigne Nordic Hiball Tumblers 7.7oz / 220ml (Pack of 6) Deals on eBay Vigne Nordic Hiball Tumblers 7.7oz / 220ml (Pack of 6) Deals on Amazon
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Ceramic Rum Barrel Tiki Mug 12oz / 355ml (Case of 24)

"You don't need to be captain of the seven seas to enjoy a swashbuckling rum based cocktail with the Ceramic Rum Barrel Tiki Mug. Styled like a barrel of rum, this novelty 12 US fl.oz ceramic mug is perfect for pirate,..."


Michelangelo Tall Sherry Glasses 4oz / 115ml (Case of 48)

"While these tall sherry glasses have been designed with Prosecco in mind, their elegant finish allows them to be applied to a wide variety of drink. Perfect for sampling fortified wines, the shape of this lead-free..."


Martini Cocktail Glasses Tempered 7.4oz / 210ml (Case of 24)

"Whether you prefer your martini dry or dirty, these Martini Cocktail Glasses are the perfect choice. Holding 21cl, these elegant glasses are fully tempered, making them ideal for both cocktail parties and bars where..."


Econ Neon Green Polystyrene Shot Glasses CE 1.75oz / 50ml (Case of 100)

"The vibrant Econ Neon Green Polystyrene Shot Glasses glow under UV light, making them the perfect glass for large parties and bars. CE marked to the brim for use in licenced establishments, these reusable shooters..."


Duralex Unie Tumblers 7.75oz / 220ml (Pack of 6)

"For a hiball glass with added resistance and durability, the Duralex Unie Tumblers are the perfect choice. With a classic, traditional style, these glasses are versatile enough to suit any occasion, ideal for serving..."


Glam Martini Glasses 8.25oz / 250ml (Pack of 6)

"Bring some elegance to your cocktails with the Glam Martini Glasses from Durobor. A contemporary twist on a classic glass, these 25cl glasses are finished with a distinctive dimple effect design and are ideal for..."


Royal Scot London Wine Suite Large Wine Glasses (Pair) | LONB2LWNEW

"Royal Scot London is a traditional hand cut crystal glass range. The crystal is produced in high quality European glass factories which ensures great value for the quality."


Kilner Square Clip Top Bottle 550ml (Case of 12)

"This Kilner Square Clip Top Bottle has been specially designed for decanting and preserving oils and juices. Finished with a swing top locking lid system for an airtight seal, this 55cl bottle is perfect for infusing..."


Riedel Cabernet Magnum Decanter | 1440/26

"Give your Cabernet room to breathe in the machine-blown Cabernet decanter. Make every sip a taste sensation. Ideal for decanting magnum bottles.From a simple wine glass to a glass which is a pleasure to drink from:..."


Grand Cru Wine Glasses 13.25oz / 380ml (Set of 24)

"For a versatile addition to your glassware collection, the Grand Cru Wine Glasses are perfect for both wine tasting and for serving cocktails. The tapered rim of this glass enhances the flavours of wine and improves..."


Michelangelo Masterpiece Grandi Vini Glasses 12oz / 340ml (Case of 24)

"When it comes to a wine glass, you often need something that complements the elegance of your favourite tipple. The Michelangelo Masterpiece range of wine glassware is the ideal example of crystal stemware to present..."


Classic Range Glass Ice Bucket

"This beautifully designed Classic Range Glass Ice Bucket is ideal for placement on any bar top. Holding enough ice to see you and your guests throughout the evening, it matches perfectly with other glassware from..."


Sensation Champagne Flutes 5.6oz / 160ml (Pack of 12)

"Fluid and trendy lines define the Sensation Champagne Flutes. They have been designed with an extra fine rim for optimum drinking pleasure. Great for dishing out the champagne in very classy looking glasses, the..."


Savoie Sherry Glasses 4.2oz / 120ml (Case of 48)

"The timeless stemmed design of Arcoroc's Savoie range of glassware lends itself perfectly to the world of liqueurs. Ideal for a quick aperitif or digestif, the Savoie Sherry Glasses have an elegantly rounded bowl..."


Duralex Unie Tumblers 7oz / 200ml (Case of 72)

"For a classic hiball style glass, the Duralex Unie Tumblers are the premium option in resistant drinkware. With a durable Duralex Tempered Glass construction, these tumblers are hard-wearing for everyday use. The..."

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