Bargain Virtually Indestructible Helicopter Stockists

Virtually Indestructible Helicopter Stockists

You've just bought a new RC helicopter, you've got it out the packaging, its up and flying and then..... it breaks! Typical. So why not get a chopper that can actually stand the test of time and try our Virtually Indestructible Helicopter which is made from a high quality material that ensures your copter is less prone to damage. Of course, nothing is truly indestructible. Chuck Norris is almost indestructible, but even he has a breaking point. So if you plan to run over the heli, it probably won't survive. But a few crashes into the sofa and ceiling and you and your helicopter should be ok. The helicopter remote has a button that lets you quickly change between speeds and a light switch that initiates the headlight on the front of the copter so you can fly through the darkest of places. Move your Indestructible Helicopter in a variety of directions including forward/backwards, up/down, left/right and even make your copter hover and spot land on command. If you've got any mates with one of our Virtually Indestructible Helicopters then fly yours with them and see which chopper is left standing! Please note: this helicopter is only suitable for outdoor flying on calm days. Features: Setting speed transition switch Lighting control Jammed protection High-tech gyroscope Headlight and flashing lights Dual blades Balance bar Tail blade Specifications: Length: 400mm Width: 340mm (including blades) Height: 200mm Weight: 228g Control Range: 30 Meters Flight Time: Approximately 6 minutes Charge Time: Approximately 120-150 Minutes Controller requires 6 x AA batteries not included  Box Includes: Virtually Indestructible R/C Helicopter 3 channel radio controller 3.7v/1000 mAh Li-poly rechargeable battery pack (for helicopter) Helicopter charger Instruction manual

Bargain Deal: £29.99

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