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The infamous warrior, smuggler and co-pilot to Han Solo, Chewbacca (or Chewie to his friends) is a notorious rebel ally, not to mention one of the coolest characters in the galaxy.  Grab your satchel and your bowcaster and come with us on an intergalactic adventure. Our favourite Wookiee is on the run and your mission (if you chose to accept it) is to find Chewbacca before the bounty hunters! So far Chewie has evaded capture and now has a sizeable bounty on his head. You may think that finding an 8 foot warrior shouldn't be too tricky, but this native of Kashyyyk is more stealthy than you may think. To complete your mission you not only have to find our favourite Wookiee, but ten other characters on every page. Visiting some of the most famous locations in the galaxy but with the help of the speediest freighter in the universe, the Millennium Falcon, the awesome Wookiee and his counterparts are going to be hard to find - but with your help we might just seek them out just in time! With stunning illustrations and the greatest challenge in the galaxy at stake, who could resist this out of this world expedition?

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