Bargain Wooden Abacus Stockists

Bargain Wooden Abacus Stockists

With its chunky beads of brightly painted wood this abacus offers a great visual way for young children to learn to add subtract and multiply. A fantastic idea for anyone looking for educational toys it is perfect for introducing your little ones to the joys of counting. One of the oldest calculators abacuses were used by the ancient Egyptians Greeks and Romans.Key Features:Crafted in wood5 rows of 10 beads eachTraditional retro packagingSuitable for children over 3 yearsOther wooden toys also available

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Wooden Backgammon Stockists

Enjoy one of the oldest games known to man with this classic Wooden Backgammon set. Use your skill and strategy to move all of your pieces from one side of the board to the other before your opponent.Key Features:Traditional Backgammon boardA two player gameRecommended for ages 8 years and over

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Wooden Cribbage Stockists

Enjoy a leisurely game of Cribbage with up to 6 players with this classic wooden Cribbage set.Key Features:Traditional cribbage board and pegsA full deck of cards includedRecommended for ages 8 years and over

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Wooden Diabolo Stockists

The ancient circus game of diabolo has its origins in the 12th century and is hugely popular today. Highly addictive this traditional wooden version of diabolo promises hours of entertainment as you try and master its art. Just throw up the spool into the air and catch it on the string. As your confidence builds you can throw it higher and higher and do amazing tricks. Once you are an expert you can host diabolo competitions with your friends to see who can throw and catch the highest!Key Features:Wooden sticks and spoolFor ages 3 years and over30cm long fully extended

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Wooden Labyrinth Stockists

Put your skills to the test with this amazing wooden labyrinth. The task is simple: guide the small steel ball through the complex maze.Key Features:Large wooden mazeSmall steel ballNot suitable for children under 3 years

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