Bargain Zog x 6 Stockists

Bargain Zog x 6 Stockists

Julia and Axel will tickle you silly in this sweet story of a little dragon who (just like you) wants to win a gold star. Zog is the keenest dragon in school. He’s also the clumsiest – always flying into trees and worse. Luckily, a little girl always comes by to patch up his bumps and bruises. Will she be able to help Zog with his toughest test yet: capturing a princess? And will Zog ever win a gold star? So funny, so exciting: another grand triumph for the king and queen of the picture book world. Rhyming fun from the UK’s top picture book team Endearing hero who loves to learn and do his best Stunning artwork full of beautiful mountain landscapes Look out for the sequel – Zog and the Flying Doctors Six copies of this classic children’s book to accompany Read & Respond: Zog. #rrchildrens

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Xenocide Stockists

TOGETHER THEY STAND - BUT CAN THEY PREVENT AN ATROCITY? Ender and Valentine Wiggin: brother and sister whose lives have shaped history. Valentine is 'Demosthenes' whose subversive incendiary writings fight the monstrous power of Starways Congress masters of the Hundred Worlds. And Ender...As a child Ender commanded a warfleet that wiped out a planet. The triumph of his life could be his fight to stop it happening again. It might be his tragedy that he cannot. Congress has sent a warfleet to Lusitania home to Ender his family two alien species and the deadliest virus ever known. The warfleet carries an order to destroy....

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Superworm Stockists

The Red House Book Award winner. Bouncy rhymes, jolly pictures. As super as books (and worms) come.

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Love Changes Everything Stockists

Fourteen-year-old Trixie Jackson hoped she had a future to look forward to. But when she is sacked from the local factory she is forced to work as a housekeeper for one of her father's friends - a man she instinctively dislikes. Kept under lock and key her life soon becomes a living hell. But in her haste to escape she injures herself and ends up in hospital. However her troubles are only just beginning. When her mother is involved in a tragic accident and dies Trixie and her younger sister Cilla are left at the mercy of their bullying father. All too quickly he brings his mistress Daisy into the house. And she will stop...

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PM Writing 1: Stop! (PM Blue/Green) Levels 11, 12 x 6 Stockists

A non-fiction exposition about recognising potential danger: you should always stop and think, as many places we go and things we do can be dangerous. Text type: exposition; Genre: non-fiction PM Writing 1 provides: writing goals that guide and support teachers and students instructional content for the conventions and composition of early writing content that promotes writing to construct meaning across the curriculum in a variety of text forms teaching and learning approaches that promote choice and authenticity in writing for a variety of purposes and audiences. PM Writing is a complete learning, teaching...

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The Wayward Son eBook Stockists

THE WAYWARD SON is an outstanding story with great tension, good fast pace and a fabulous plot. Yvonne Lindsay has delivered a super romance with a strong spirited heroine, a deliciously breath-taking hero and woven a tale which is filled with emotion and sizzle with a very nice happy ever after!

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Tank War Stockists

From the evacuation of France in 1940 to the final dash to Hamburg in 1945 the 5th Royal Tank Regiment were on the front line throughout the Second World War. Theirs was a war that saw them serve in Africa as part of the Desert Rats before returning to Europe for the Normandy landings. Wherever they went the notoriety of the 'Filthy Fifth' grew - they revelled in their reputation for fighting by their own rules. The Tank War explains how Britain having lost its advantage in tank warfare by 1939 regained ground through shifts in tactics and leadership methods as well as the daring and bravery of the crews themselves. Overturning...

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The Bloody Cup Stockists

The third book in an exciting brand-new Arthurian trilogy For many years the people of Briton have enjoyed peace and prosperity under the reign of King Artor and the Union of Kings. Having spurned the despotism of his predecessor Uther Pendragon Arthur has ruled with a strong sense of duty goodness and honour. Artor is now weakening with age however and the seeds of discontent are being sown. Seeking to cleanse the land of Christian belief dissenters need a symbol with which to legitimise their pagan claim and gather malcontents together into a cohesive weapon. These shadowy subversive elements seize upon the ancient...

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Klutz: The Captain Underpants Super-Silly Sticker Studio Stockists

A creative bonanza with glow-in-the-dark stickers and six marker pens. Love it.

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