Bargain 12 English Lavender

Bargain 12 English Lavender 'Munstead' Plants Stockists

<p>Lavender 'Munstead' will transform your garden with colour and incredible fragrance! </p> <p>These traditional cottage garden favourites are proven winners in UK gardens & ideal as a fragrant hedge or border make sure you plant them somewhere you'll be able to catch the magnificent scent! They will attract bees and other pollinators perfect for fruit tree growers!</p> <p> They'll stay compact, reaching 45-60cm (1-2ft) tall. Very hardy, incredibly easy to grow, and drought tolerant keep them in great shape by pruning twice a year in spring and late summer. You can even cut the stems to make fragrant indoor dried displays!</p>

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Hibiscus Tricolour 3L

<p>Flowering in August and September, amaze your friends and neighbours with this horticultural wonder! </p> <p> Containing 3 varieties of matching vigour, each with its own flower colour grafted on to the same plant, these totally hardy perennials will provide maximum summer colour impact for many years to come. </p> <p> Usually our growers would graft 3 of the same colour, but in an experimental moment, created this delightful result! Height 50 cm (2ft).</p>

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Pair of Italian Cypress Trees Cupressus Sempervirens

<p>Treat yourself to a pair of these gorgeous Italian Cypress trees, and add a touch of Mediterranean class to your garden. Seen all over Italy, these spectacular architectural conifers will add height and year-round interest wherever you plant them. With their elegant, pencil thin form, they'll look simply stunning framing a door or gateway, or in a terracotta pot.</p> <p>Not to be confused with vigorous Leylandii, these slender, manageable beauties are slow growing and won't get out of hand - you can even grow them on your patio! They are of course very drought tolerant, but also completely hardy and evergreen,...

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Pair of Phoenix palms 1.2-1.4M with pots

<p>Create a real holiday feel in your garden this summer with this beautiful pair of tropical Phoenix palm trees.</p> <p>Approximately 3ft tall, the palm trees will create stunning shadows over your garden and they look spectacular.</p> <p>Buy yours today for just £28.99</p>

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Pair of Standard Lavenders

<p>Perfect for placing either side of doorways, pathways and entrances.</p> <p> These contemporary standard shaped lavender trees are perfect for filling your patio, entrances, pathways and gateways with a spectacular show of colour and a mesmerising aroma.</p> <p></p>

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