Bargain 17.6 Year Stock Market Cycle Stockists

Bargain 17.6 Year Stock Market Cycle Stockists

How do we know where we are in the current stock market cycle? Are we in the midst of a new long term bull market or a market rally within an ongoing bear market? The answers to the above questions are critical to forming an appropriate investment strategy to plan for the future. The difference between anticipating the end of a secular (or cyclical) bull market and reacting to the significant crash that follows will have a big impact on anyone's investment returns and retirement plans. This book is concerned with cycles. A cycle is a sequence of events that repeat over time. The outcome won't necessarily be the same each time but the underlying characteristics are the same. A good example is the seasonal cycle. Each year we have spring summer autumn and winter and after winter we have spring again. But the weather can and does vary a great deal from one year to another. And so it is with the stock market. Kerry Balenthiran has studied stock market data going back 100 years and discovered a regular 17.6 year stock market cycle consisting of increments of 2.2 years. He has also extrapolated the cycle forwards to provide investors with a market roadmap stretching out to 2053. He describes this in detail and outlines the changing character of the stock market through the different phases of the 17.6 year stock market cycle. Whether you are an investment professional or private investor this book provides a fascinating insight into the cyclical nature of the stock market and enables you to ensure that you have the right strategy for the prevailing stock market conditions.

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Caravan Manual Stockists

First published in 1993 and having sold over 75 000 copies this fourth edition of the Caravan Manual" contains completely revised text and many new illustrations. As well as guidance on maintaining older caravans it includes details about the very latest models. There's new information on caravan weights the use of public weighbridges and related legal issues along with electronic and computerised wiring systems in cars. There are major updates to the chapters on chassis running gear body construction gas and all electrical details. This essential manual describes all the vital maintenance tasks and repair work that...

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Farmyard Tales Wind-up Train Book Stockists

Following the phenomenal success of the Wind-Up Tractor Book" in 2007 this is a brand-new and exciting interactive title in the popular "Farmyard Tales" series. Three train stories are retold with a new twist! Each story has a sturdy track embedded in the pages which the accompanying wind-up train toy can then be placed upon to follow around and bring the story to life. This is a fantastic gift guaranteed to engage and entertain young children."

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Super Scientists: David Attenborough Stockists

We all know about famous sports stars, film stars and pop stars. But what about science stars? They rarely get much glory – but they make a huge difference to how we live each day. Now this series tells you about super scientists in exciting short books filled with amazing facts. Each book is packed with archive images and photos, plus a detailed life story and timeline. This book explores an icon: naturalist David Attenborough, who actually is super famous as a major TV star. A short and easy biography of a key scientific figure Explores David Attenborough’s life and lasting influence Inspiring series...

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Hedge funds For Dummies Stockists

If you want to diversify your portfolio and lower your risk exposure with hedge funds here's what you should know: Hedge Funds For Dummies explains all the different types of funds explores the pros and cons of funds as an investment shows you how to find a good broker and much more. Authored by Ann Logue a financial writer and hedge fund specialist this handy friendly guide covers all the bases for investors of all levels. Whether you're just building your first portfolio or you've been investing for years you'll find everything you need to know inside:* What a hedge fund is and what it does* How hedge funds are structured*...

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Raa Raa the Noisy Lion: Jingly Jangly Jungle Song Stockists

Meet Raa Raa the noisy lion who loves going on noisy adventures with his little jungle friends! Help Raa Raa sing along with his friends in this fun noisy rhyming book. Tap your feet to a jungle beat you'll want to hear again and again! This delightful book is based on the amazing new animated pre-school show which encourages youngsters to play with the sounds around them to develop their communication skills.

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Photography Stockists

Photography: The Whole Story" is a celebration of the most beautiful meaningful and inspiring photographs that have arisen from this very modern medium. The book begins with a succinct overview of photography placing it in the context of the social and cultural developments that have taken place globally since its arrival. Organized chronologically the book then traces the rapid evolution of photographic style period by period and movement by movement. Illustrated in-depth essays cover every photographic genre from the early portraits and tableaux to the digitally manipulated montages splitsecond sports images and conceptual...

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100 Maverick Postcards Stockists

The collection of 100 Maverick Postcards presents 100 variations on the theme of visual and verbal pleasure. Many of these are based on Alan Fletcher's own quirky and inimitable drawings and watercolours while the rest are all highly entertaining examples of wit wisdom and games with words and images. This collection will have an immensely wide appeal. As Alan Fletcher says himself these cards are for 'aunties starlets dreamers cousins aesthetes pilots scoundrels vixens clerks vegans attorneys granddads fakirs stewards brokers conjurors gremlins bishops hypocrites tutors batsmen tycoons doctors hookers...

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Prescription for Romance / Love and the Single Dad both Stockists

Cherish January 2011 Prescription for Romance Undercover reporter Ramona was on a mission. But Paul Armstrong, the gorgeous and stubborn head doctor of the Armstrong Fertility Institute, was a serious obstacle to unearthing the famous facility’s secrets. And now Ramona was falling for him! Love and the Single Dad Photojournalist Donovan owes his son a stable life, so he’s abandoned life on the road for his home town. Former love Laura has given up hope of ever having a family. Yet now Donovan’s back, Laura wonders if happily-ever-after could still be on the cards…

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Tom Gates #6: Extra Special Treats (Not) Stockists

Doodling Tom is back – along with crazy knits, big sister woes and snow-filled fun. We love!

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