1950s Decade Box... Sweets from your 1950s Childhood (Large)

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1950s Decade Box - Sweets from your 1950s Childhood - We are constantly asked for historical information: `It`s my auntie Marjorie`s 60th, can you tell me what sweets were around when she was young?` Well fret no more, `cos auntie Marjorie`s in for a treat... hoorah! We`ve carried out a whole load of research, and put together a large gift box full of all the classic sweets from the nostalgic 50s era, so it`s bound to get them reminiscing about the good old days! Just to give you an idea, the sweets inside the box weigh in at a WHOPPING 3 kg (that`s 6.6lb!) and it measures 30cm x 30cm x 9cm (that`s a foot square and 3 1/2 inches deep!) - it`s a really meaty box! It contains all these lovely goodies that will make the lucky recipient go all misty-eyed: Taveners Pontefract Cakes, 250g Taveners Liquorice Cuttings, 250g Black Jacks, 250g Fruit Salad, 250g Liquorice Wood, 10 sticks The Best Rhubarb and Custards You`ve Ever Tasted!, 250g Barley Sugar, 250g Dolly Mixtures, 250g Treacle Toffee, 250g Pear Drops, 250g Victory V, 1 Pack Pascalls Liquorice Comfits, 250g Sherbet Fountains, 2 Tubes Drumstick Lollies, 2 Lollies Mini Parma Violets, 4 Packs Mini Love Hearts, 4 Packs Fizzers, 4 Packs (Please note: Very occasionally, we may be out of stock of an item. It`s rare, but if it does happen, rather than hold up your order we will replace the item with something equally tasty - so you/the recipient won`t ever be disappointed!) - Qty In Order: 1 box.

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