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A gyrocopter, also known as a gyroplane or autogyro, is a helicopter-airplane hybrid, offering many of the benefits of both and several of its own. It's rotor is driven by aerodynamic forces rather than an engine powered propeller and many consider it among the safest aircraft you can fly. Despite sharing the same basic controls as a fixed wing aeroplane - stick, throttle, and rudder pedals, gyrocopters are incredibly nimble and there's manoeuvres a gyrocopter can do that other aircraft must not try. Unlike most other forms of flight a gyrocopter provides unrestricted views and flies slow enough and low enough to allow you to see what is happening on the ground below. There is nothing quite like the wind in your face as you fly at one with the world. This is a thrilling and unique experience perfect for any adrenaline junkie and we defy you not to have the 'gyrocopter grin' plastered to your face. After a short introduction and familiarisation with the aircraft, you will be fitted with flying suits, crash helmets and head sets. You will fly at around 800ft in the Gyrocopter which will last for approximately 40 minutes. If you wish you will have the opportunity to take the controls and fly the Gyrocopter for yourself. Otherwise you can sit back and enjoy the spectacular view.

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