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<p><strong>This model is ideal for use in nursing and medical schools at all levels</strong><br />The joints move realistically, the waist can bend and all parts are detachable. The model is made of durable, washable PVC, and offers a variety of features to assist with nursing and patient care training.</p> <p>This model is used as a teaching aid in healthy schools, nursing schools as well as in medical colleges. The model is made of soft and half-hard PVC plastic, solid and durable, easy to use. All joints are movable, the waist can be belt, all parts can be disassembled and assembled.</p> <p><strong>Demonstration items:</strong><br />1. Washing face and bathing the bed-ridden patient<br />2. Care and cleaning of the mouth<br />3. Care and cleaning of trachea dissection<br />4. Inhalation of oxygen (nasal cork or nasal catheter)<br />5. Nasal feeding<br />6. Stomach lavage<br />7. Heart injection<br />8. Heart resuscitation on chest<br />9. Chest puncture &middot;<br />10. Liver puncture<br />11. Kidney puncture<br />12. Abdomen puncture<br />13. Medulla puncture<br />14. Lumbar puncture<br />15. Deltoid injection<br />16. Deltoid hypodermic injection<br />17. Vein injection<br />18. Vein puncture<br />19. Vein transfusion<br />20. Vein blood transfusion<br />21. Catheterization of women<br />22. Muscular injection on buttocks</p> <p>Uses and operations:<br />1. All injection pads (big and small) provide sites for injection and puncture operations are made of soft plastic. At the back of the small pad is a plastic bottle (capacity is about 20 cc). Before demonstrate phlebotomy, liquid can be put into the bottle.<br /> <br />2. Mouth and nose can be demonstrated for oxygen inhalation, nasal feeding and stomach lavage etc.<br />3. A big pad on the arm is for vein injection, back of the pad is a rubber tube simulates the vein tube, the water should be injected into the rubber tube. When demonstrate mass of glucose transfusion, put the rubber tube into a vessel and loosen the clamp to let the liquid flow out. Before demonstrate blood phlebotomy, liquid can be filled into the tube then clip the end of the tube.<br />4. The operation of hypodermic injection and intramuscular injection are as same as clinic. The big pad has sponge inside to absorb liquid, it can be taken out to remove liquid. When pulling out of the needle, do not overexert, press the pad with two fingers then pull out the needle.<br />5. When demonstrate heart resuscitation, cross the hands on the right place of chest, press downwards to 2.5 CM, there will be a sound, then relax the hands. Battery is changeable.<br />6. The small pads for injection or puncture are changeable when damaged. Remove the nuts at the waist, the whole body is divided into two parts. Unscrew the plastic bottle, exchange the damaged pad for a new one, screw the bottle again. The big pads on the buttock and arm are easy to be taken out and exchanged for a new one. Each model has big and small pads for exchange.<br />7. When demonstrate catheterization or intestinal irrigation, insert the rubber tube into the organ for demonstration only. (No liquid flows out).<br />8. When demonstrate stomach lavage or nasal feeding, insert the nasal tube into oesophagus, then fill with liquid. Before filling, clamp the tube at the buttock, after demonstration, loosen the clamp to flow the liquid.<br />9. After operations, clean and dry the model and all of its parts before reassembling it. Remove all traces of liquid from the organs used.<br />10. The model is easily assembled according to the assembling picture.</p> <p><strong>Maintenance:</strong><br />a. Before demonstration, a little talcum powder may be used on the injection pads for lubrication. After these operations, all injection pads must be cleaned thoroughly.<br />b. Occasional bits of plaster on the surface of the model can be moved with detergent and if necessary a mild soap solution.<br />c. Always take care that all parts are wiped dry and then are left to dry in the air.</p> <p><strong>Training Features:</strong></p> <p>- Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training - compressable chest cavity which beeps when correct pressure is applied in the correct place<br />- Puncture simulation through injectable pads (with injection fluid collection) - pleural biopsy, the liver biopsy, kidney puncture, abdominal puncture, bone marrow puncture and lumbar puncture <br />- Deltoid muscle injection, subcutaneous injection <br />- Gastric lavage (stomach pumping / gastric irrigation)<br />- Oxygen inhalation method (stuffy nose, nasal catheter) <br />- Tracheostomy nursing <br />- Nasal feeding <br />- IV injection <br />- Venous transfusion <br />- Intragluteal injection <br />- Female catheterisation <br />- Oral cavity nursing, artificial teeth care <br />- Face washing, body washing in bed</p> <p><strong>Specifications:</strong> <br />Material: Washable PVC <br />Size: 165cm x 40cm x 20cm <br />Product Weight: 7.6kg <br />Instructions: Included <br />Packaging: Brown Box</p>

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