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<p>The lightweight 66fit Epicondylitis Jura Clasp is the professional solution to tennis/golfers elbow or epicondylitis. Extra Small Sized.</p><p><strong>Features</strong></p><ul><li>Material: PVC/Plastic</li><li>Size: Extra Small (22cm - 23cm)</li><li>Universal brace (fits left of right arm)</li><li>Fitting instructions included</li><li>Unisex</li></ul><p><strong>Description</strong></p><p>This low profile, lightweight support helps to take the pressure off the tendon insertion and reduce inflammation and pain. It has an inner liner that ensures maximum comfort and eliminates any potential slip or movement whilst the clasp is being worn, and comes with a replacement inner liner which is sponge washable. The clasp attaches onto the forearm which is then secured in place with a wrap around Velcro fastening strap. Ideal for tendon strain caused by muscular overuse after work, sports or trauma.</p><p>The difference between the 66fit Epicondylitis Jura Clasp is that it has a number scale (1 - 10) system on the elastic strap. Once you have adjusted the strap to the desired level of compression, simply take a note of the number and the next time you put it on you simply tighten it to the noted position which will aid repeated accurate fitting of the brace. It works by placing pressure directly to the area onto the tendon and because of the plastic clasp you can position the clasp exactly where the pressure is required. Due to the excellent design it means that you instead of the support applying pressure all around the arm (as with some other types of supports) the Epicondylitis Clasp can target the pressure require to a specific point.</p><p>Benefits of the 66fit Epicondylitis Jura Clasp: Designed to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with elbow tendinopathies, conditions more commonly referred to as epicondylitis and tennis or golfer's elbow. The lateral dynamic forces exerted by the 66fit Epicondylitis Jura Clasp realign the long flexor and extensor tendons. Helped by the circumferential pressure of the clasp, pain and irritation in these areas of the elbow are reduced.</p>

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66fit Jura Epicondylitis Clasp - Extra Small
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