Best A Day With the Animal Builders Stockists

Best A Day With the Animal Builders Stockists

Donkey dreams of being an expert builder, but… oh dear! He’s just a great big donkey! He brings chaos and catastrophe to the animal building site – until his super-strength saves the day!

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Playing the Royal Game book

The Santina-Jackson Royal Fairytale: Fact or Fiction? Falling in love with a prince might be every girl’s dream, but is Allegra Jackson’s royal fairy-tale really all it seems? Allegra’s headline-grabbing family have hardly prepared her for a life of public duty and sinfully delicious Prince Alessandro of Santina has always seemed virtually allergic to the idea of settling down – changing women so fast the paparazzi can barely keep up! So why, out of all the beautiful socialites his name’s been linked with, did the heir to the throne pick ordinary Allegra? The royal rumour-mill is in overdrive, asking if this shock...

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Cities Book Mini

The mini version of Lonely Planet s captivating Cities Book.
Cities represent civilization and human achievement: they are bubbling microcosms of virtues and vices vanguards of technology and creative pursuits incubators of traditions and melting pots of diversity. More than half the world's population now lives in cities and for travelers they hold an endless fascination.
Every city has its own personality in the form of its streets and buildings and in its human architecture. Taking our cue from the buzz on the street we have captured the flavor of each city through the eyes of the typical citizen: hot conversation...

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Infernal Devices

Tom and Hester's daughter Wren longs to escape the peace of static Anchorage. She craves the dangerous adventures her parents once had - and a charming submarine pirate is ready to take her to sea. But the mysterious object that she steals for him ignites a conflict that will tear the whole world apart...

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Star Wars: Darth Bane - Dynasty of Evil

The Sith are gone - all except Darth Bane creator of the 'Rule of Two' which states that the new Sith Order will consist of only two: a Master and an apprentice. But how does one train an apprentice whose ultimate goal - and proof of success - must be to kill the Master? Darth Bane is beginning to suffer the effects of drawing heavily on the dark side of the Force for so many years. At the same time he's beginning to doubt his apprentice Zannah because she hasn't yet tried to kill him and take his power. Is she weak? Unworthy of being his apprentice? When he learns of an ancient Sith holocron that holds the secret to immortal...

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Microsoft Excel 2010 Plain & Simple

Get the guide that makes learning Microsoft Excel 2010 plain and simple! This full color no-nonsense book shows you the quickest ways to solve a problem or learn a skill using easy-to-follow steps and concise straightforward language. You'll analyze manage and share information in more ways than ever before. Here's WHAT you'll learn: * Navigate the user interface with Backstage view and the customizable ribbon * Create formulas and functions * Use charts and diagrams to display information visually * Enhance your spreadsheet with graphic effects * Reuse data from other Microsoft Office documents * Team up and share spreadsheets...

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Good for You

It is the third book in an irresistible Mature Young Adult" series about hot teen actors by Tammara Webber author of the "New York Times" - bestseller "Easy". The follow-up to "Between the Lines" and "Where You Are" will be loved by fans of "Slammed" by Colleen Hoover and "Breathe" by Abbi Glines. Teen screen idol Reid is in deep trouble. When Dori the community service supervisor who is determined to set him a good example comes on the scene romance is the furthest thing from her mind. Or his. But there's something irresistible about Reid that not even good girl Dori can ignore...Tammara Webber is the author of "New York...

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Cavelli's Lost Heir ebook

Modern December 2009 Captive and married: by royal decree! Prince Nico Cavelli would never normally waste his time visiting the prison cell of a tourist. Except this particular alleged criminal has stolen something very personal to him – his son, heir to the Montebianco throne! Lily Morgan always knew it was a mistake coming to the Mediterranean kingdom, but she’d had no choice. First she was thrown into jail for a crime she didn’t commit…now she’s been bailed out by the Prince – though in return she must become his royal wife!

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Scholastic English Skills: Handwriting Workbooks Reception-Year 6 Set x 30 (90 Books)

Are you a wise owl? Then you’ll know handwriting matters. For a start, good handwriting looks great and is easy to read. Plus, it’s essential for the English curriculum at school. But don’t get in a flap. Our simple workbooks help you perfect your handwriting in a fuss-free way. No sweat. No struggles. Quick writing practice in fun activities matched to the school curriculum. Show off your handwriting style. Practice activities to use at home or in school Matched to National Curriculum requirements Quickly builds dexterity, speed and confidence Includes extra notes and tips to reinforce skills...

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Metric Handbook

* Significantly updated in reference to the latest construction standards and new building types. * Sustainable design integrated into chapters. * Over 100 000 copies sold to successive generations of architects and designers - this book belongs on every design office desk and drawing board. The Metric Handbook is the major handbook of planning and design data for architects and architecture students. Covering basic design data for all the major building types it is the ideal starting point for any project. For each building type the book gives the basic design requirements and all the principal dimensional data and succinct...

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Montana Creeds: Tyler both

Descendants of the legendary McKettrick family, the Creeds are renowned in Stillwater Springs, Montana—for raising hell… Whether winning championship belt buckles or dealing with Hollywood types for endorsement deals, former rodeo star Tyler Creed can handle anything. Except standing on the same patch of land as his estranged brothers. Yet here they are in Stillwater Springs, barely talking but trying to restore the old Creed ranch— and family. Lily Kenyon knows all about family estrangements and secrets. The single mum has come home to set things right, to put down roots for her daughter. What she doesn’t expect...

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