Best A Royal Wedding book Stockists

Best A Royal Wedding book Stockists

Special Releases May 2011 Everybody loves a royal wedding! And we have four… Dr Grace Hunter seeks an ancient text beneath the castle of Count Alessandro Volta and finds the dark, reclusive count’s brooding intensity very seductive. Stolen away years ago, Princess Lara is offered an ultimatum by new King Adel. Return to her kingdom as his Queen or pay back the bride price! Feisty Lara refuses, but remembers how Adel used to make her heart race… When Kate takes a job in Africa and meets old flame Simon, she’s shocked to discover he’s an honorary king. She’s sure the sun has gone to his head when he says she’s his perfect queen! Prince Andre plans to see his ward, lovely Princess Julienne, married to his cousin, restore peace to their country and move on.  But Julienne disagrees. Making her escape from the convent, she turns Prince Andre’s world upside down…

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Tall, Dark and... Collection eBook

eBook Bundles March 2013

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A Devil in Disguise ebook

Playing with fire! Drusilla Bennett’s job from hell will soon be over. Ready to take her life back and walk away from the devil – currently disguised as her boss – Dru plucks up the courage to say ‘I quit!’ Nothing has ever taken Cayo Vila by surprise – until now. And the word ‘no’ just isn’t part of his vocabulary. So a resignation from the best PA he’s ever had is simply unacceptable. Dru’s heard all about his legendary charm, but now that it’s turned on her she understands exactly why it’s so hard to say no to Cayo Vila! ‘A gripping and memorable romance with beautifully created characters....

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1022 Evergreen Place both

Womens Fiction May 2012 Dear Reader, Guess what? I'm falling in love! With Mack McAfee. My baby daughter, Noelle, and I have been living next door to Mack since the spring. I'm still a little wary about our relationship, because I haven't always made good decisions when it comes to men. My baby's father, David Rhodes, is testament to that. I'm so worried he might sue for custody. In the meantime, the World War II letters I found are a wonderful distraction. Both Mack and I are trying to learn what happened to the soldier who wrote them and the woman he loved. Come by sometime for a glass of iced tea and I'll show you the letters....

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Whatever the Price eBook

As Hollywood's hottest director, Anthony Price is used to getting what he wants. But life hands him a brandnew script when he gains custody of his orphaned niece. Now he needs his wife more than ever - only Charlotte moved out three months ago. To win her back, he has to prove he's ready to put family before his career. But is he?

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Defying Drakon ebook

Modern May 2012 Can he turn defiance into desire?Drakon Lyonedes has it all: power, wealth, sex appeal…and any woman he wants! Until the beautiful Gemini Bartholomew steps into his life, that is…Confronting him over his plan to turn her family home into a hotel, Gemini intrigues Drakon. The problem? Long-term just isn’t in this infamously arrogant tycoon’s vocabulary – and Gemini is a virgin who surely wants more than one night of sizzling, scorching passion…? She’s determined to defy him, but whose will-power will prove the strongest?

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Her Dearest Enemy ebook

Historical September 2008 The schoolmarm’s last stand! Brandon Calhoun kept his life ordered, clean and tidy. But new schoolmarm Harriet Smith had her own ideas about living, and they were throwing him wildly off balance. Suddenly Brandon wanted much more than his old routine! Harriet was a woman to be reckoned with. She would defend her brother, even if it meant standing up to the most powerful man in Dutchman’s Creek. But making an enemy of ruthless, compelling Brandon Calhoun had consequences. Soon Harriet had to face the truth – the thorn in her side was the only man she could ever desire!

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The Renegade / The Heat Is On book

Blaze August 2011 The Renegade Rhonda Nelson Tanner Crawford is lethally sexy and, with his hair-trigger temper and lady-charmer ways, he’s no stranger to trouble. But now Mia Hawthorne, the only woman who ever rocked his world, just tumbled back into his life. As a client he must protect! The Heat Is On Jill Shalvis Bella Manchelli’s deliciously exhausted from last night’s sizzling one-night stand, when she finds a dead body at her back door! Then that scrumptious stranger from last night is at her front door...and he’s wearing a badge. Police Officer Jacob Madden is all about duty. Can duty and smoking-hot sex...

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Christmas 2010 Trio A eBook

eBook Bundles September 2010 3 fantastic books filled with romance, drama...and that special Christmas magic!

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Shameless Playboy both

Special Releases May 2011 Bad Blood is a fantastic BRAND NEW collection from bestselling Modern authors. by Caitlin Crews Lucas…Playboy. Rebel. Rogue. No one denies Lucas anything. Women fall at his feet and into his bed at the click of his fingers. Grace Carter knows uncontrollable Lucas could ruin her career, and she won’t tolerate his wayward behaviour, despite their chemistry. But working with Lucas is thrilling, and even Grace’s prim and proper shell begins to shatter.

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Heart of the Desert book

Modern July 2011 Surrender to the Sheikh Sheikh Prince Ibrahim refuses to bow to the duty that has destroyed his family by locking away his emotions and shunning his royal responsibility… Until the desert calls… One searing kiss is all it takes for Georgie to know Ibrahim is trouble… And she’s had more than enough of that to last her a lifetime! But, trapped in the swirling sands, Georgie finally surrenders to the brooding rebel Prince – yet the law of his land decrees that she can never really be his…

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