Bargain A Week Till the Wedding eBook Stockists

Bargain A Week Till the Wedding eBook Stockists

Jacob Tasker had once broken Daisy Bell’s heart. Now his failing grandmother has fixated on the delusion that Jacob and Daisy are engaged! For her sake Jacob and Daisy have to maintain the charade, yet Jacob’s touch still makes Daisy’s heart ache with longing…

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Corralled / Wrangled book Stockists

Corralled When a mystery woman with a gleam in her eye and trouble on her mind hops on the back of Logan’s Harley, he thinks he’s in for a wild ride. But ’JJ’ might be more than he bargained for. The pretty pop star is running scared. She doesn’t really want the cowboy’s protection, but Logan knows that she needs it, especially with a killer on her trail… Wrangled Dakota Lansing always kept her distance from Zach Chisholm, the cowboy with a bad reputation. Now her family secrets are threatening to be unearthed and, with both their lives in jeopardy, Dakota is forced to admit that Zach is her only hope of staying...

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The Werewolf's Wife book Stockists

He fulfilled her fantasies and broke her heart. Can true passion get a second chance? After one reckless night of passion, werewolf Ridge left his wife in Las Vegas and returned to his clan. Thirteen years later, to become pack leader, he needs a divorce. Yet he’s never forgotten the sensuous witch whose life he saved…or the knee-buckling kisses he still craves. After they parted, Abigail tried to forget Ridge. But when her son is kidnapped, she knows she alone can’t save him. Though Abigail’s body still aches for Ridge, she’s willing to give him his freedom in exchange for his help. Yet who will shield her heart...

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Sheikh Without a Heart ebook Stockists

Modern March 2012 From the bright lights of Las Vegas…Dressed only in a skimpy sequin-studded bikini is not the way Rachel Donnelly wants to meet Sheikh Karim al Safir. Especially when he is so devastatingly handsome – and fully clothed! …to the glittering jewels of the desertKarim is horrified that this is the mother of his newly discovered nephew. His raging pulse at the sight of Rachel’s barely dressed body belies his reputation as the Sheikh with no heart, but he’ll live up to it to ensure that the heir to the throne is raised in Alcantar!

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Summer Kisses ebook Stockists

Special Releases July 2012 by Sarah Morgan This summer the sun has gone to everyone’s heads... Flora should be working busy shifts but something more fun has come up! A new arrival has blown into Glenmore and life at the hospital could get tricky. So, it’s time to set some rules. Avoid kissing Connor MacNeil. But aren’t rules made to be broken? Includes: The Rebel Doctor’s Bride; Dare She Date the Dreamy Doc?

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Craving the Forbidden both Stockists

Modern October 2011 The wrong Fitzroy brother?Ticket-dodging in a First Class train carriage is not how bubbly Sophie Greenham envisaged meeting Kit Fitzroy, fearless army hero and brother of her friend Jasper. The smouldering heat between her and Kit is an unwelcome shock – especially as Sophie’s masquerading as Jasper’s girlfriend all holiday!Although Kit’s bravery is legendary, he’s dreading the return to his bleak ancestral home. But Sophie’s vibrancy dispels the shadows in his tortured soul, consuming Kit with a potent desire for the one woman he’s forbidden to touch…The FITZROY LEGACYWedlocked to the...

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The Adversary ebook Stockists

Paranormal February 2011 Colt Black never backs down from danger. Colt has one true enemy: a powerful skin walker. And he wants Colt dead. Colt is prepared to do anything to defeat the evil creature. So when he dreams of a mysterious woman who asks him to meet with her, he goes. What he doesn’t expect is a magnetic passion that could make him vulnerable to his foe… Shelly knows she needs Colt’s help, although trusting men doesn’t come easily to her. Yet she can’t resist the desire Colt ignites in her. And when danger surrounds them, she must rely on Colt to protect her – or risk losing everything.

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Undercover Wolf both Stockists

Danger and desire collide in this race against time... PI Quinn Parran's new mission is to join Alpha Force, a unique military team of shapeshifters, and use their new elixir that will enhance his shapeshifting abilities. But with Sergeant Kristine Norwood, each shifting experiment sparks a volatile primal passion. And when Quinn's brother vanishes on his honeymoon, he must join forces with Kristine and go undercover as newlyweds to investigate. While Kristine is attracted to the ruggedly handsome Quinn she isn't about to get involved with a shapeshifter - until their quest becomes more dangerous. Now they must cross the...

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Bargaining with the Billionaire ebook Stockists

By Request May 2009 The Blackmail Bargain by Robyn Donald Arrogant Curt thinks Peta is a gold-digger – so blackmailing her into the role of his mistress seems the perfect revenge. But in reality Peta is a penniless virgin trying to survive. Can the tall, dark billionaire persuade her to keep up her end of the deal? The Billion-Dollar Bride by Kay Thorpe Gina has inherited a fortune on the condition that she wed aloof and domineering Ross. Ross proposes a marriage of convenience, no strings attached. Easy enough – until Gina realises that her devastatingly handsome husband is impossible to resist! How To Marry a Billionaire...

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Diamonds are for Lovers both Stockists

Special Releases March 2013 ­­Irresistible Propositions... Satin & a Scandalous Affair Ruthless Australian gem broker Quinn Everard wasn't above using blackmail to get Danielle Hammond to design a necklace for one of the world's highest-priced diamonds. Dani was the only designer worthy of the piece...and the woman he wanted in his bed. Boardrooms & a Billionaire Heir Jake Vance was dangerous, a charming corporate raider. He'd set his sights on Australia's richest diamond dealers and Holly McLeod was given the job as his assistant. She was shocked when her new boss proposed her! Jealousy & a Jewelled...

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Prince Incognito eBook Stockists

A PRINCE WITH NO MEMORY Injured in an attack on the royal motorcade and missing his memories, Alec has one person he can trust. Lillian Bardici, the woman who rescued him. Lily has a soft heart for any hurt creature, but her family has a bitter grudge against Lydia’s ruling family—Alec’s family. For once his memory returns, Alec knows the truth. He is Prince Alexander, and his family is in danger. All he wants is to find and help them…but now that Alec’s found his purpose, will he lose Lily who’s under orders by her family to betray him? Reclaiming the Crown: Born to rule with faith, honor…and love

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