Best Abby and the Bachelor Cop / Misty and the Single Dad ebook Stockists

Best Abby and the Bachelor Cop / Misty and the Single Dad ebook Stockists

Cherish April 2011 Abby and the Bachelor Cop Lawyer and bride-to-be Abigail had her life mapped out. Good job, wealthy fiancé – it was perfect…too perfect. Then gorgeous bad-boy-turned-cop Raff re-entered Abby’s life, landing her with an adorable homeless dog and a whole lot of trouble… Misty and the Single Dad Teacher Misty cherishes a secret list of faraway dreams. Until tall, dark and delicious Nicholas turns up in her classroom, with his son Bailey and an injured stray spaniel in tow. Misty soon falls for all three. Yet will following her heart mean giving up her dreams? Lost Dogs Heal Lonely Hearts…

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The Rancher's Hired Fiancee both

Fake Fiancée…True Romance! The Antonio Banderas lookalike standing on the porch in western gear wasn’t at all what actress Catherine expected. But when the tall, dark and irresistible rancher asked her to play the role of his fiancée to get the local matchmakers off his back, well…it was an offer she couldn’t refuse. Brighton Valley mayor Ray thought he’d come up with the perfect plan. But as his fake engagement awakened stirrings of real romance he soon found himself wondering if he could persuade his co-star to make their arrangement permanent. A proposal from the heart – and a baby on the way! – might just...

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A Masterful Man eBook

Steve Warwick makes it clear to Davina from their first meeting that he wants her in his bed! Davina has other ideas... . The last thing she needs right now is a tough, masterful man who thinks he can organize her life for her... . But Steve has never met a woman yet who is immune to his charm, and he's decided that Davina will be no exception. So when Steve gets that determined glint in his glittering hazel eyes, Davina knows she's in for trouble!

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The Mighty Quinns: Dermot / The Mighty Quinns: Ki... book

The Mighty Quinns: Dermot Charmer Dermot Quinn has six weeks to find his destiny... His search leads him onto the doorstep of a Wisconsin farm and face-to-face with a woman who makes him lose every bit of his cool! Dermot is determined to be the answer to all Rachel Howe's problems, not to mention her empty bed and lonely nights. The Mighty Quinns: Kieran When his destiny comes sailing through the bus station door in the form of smokin'-hot country music star Maddie West, Kieran Quinn's future suddenly looks a lot like, irresistible trouble! With Maddie on the run from the press, Kieran hastily comes to her...

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Private Parts eBook

Blaze December 2011 Troy Metaxas. Intense – and intensely sexy –businessman. He never mixes business and pleasure…Kendall Banks. Hot-shot lawyer. Willing to do anything to save her family from ruin… They’re fighting to rescue a town with a cash crisis…right before Christmas. They’re also having mind-blowing sex that’s so steamy they can hardly be in the same room without ripping off each other’s clothes!

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Defying her Desert Duty both

Chained by silk and jewels Across the bustling nightclub, bodyguard Zahir El Hashem watches his latest charge swaying temptingly on the dance floor, his pulse quickening. Returning the Princess to her bridegroom might not be such a simple operation after all… Soraya Karim has always known one day she must resume her royal obligations – just not so soon! Clinging to the last shreds of her freedom, Soraya insists they take the long way back to Bakhara – and their attraction reaches a dangerous fever pitch… Once they reach the gates of the palace such a liaison will be utterly forbidden. From then duty must reign…...

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Double-Edged Detective / The Paediatrician's Pers... ebook

Intrigue November 2011 Double-Edged DetectiveDetective Ryker Delancey had kept his eye on Nicole since the night she’d survived a violent home invasion. Convinced her attack was connected to a string of murders, Ryker would do anything to protect her, including becoming her 24/7 bodyguard. Of course, safeguarding her would be simple compared to denying his powerful attraction to her!The Paediatrician’s Personal ProtectorChristy had returned to her close-knit Louisiana home town, determined to uncover the truth about her family’s past. Until she endured two terrifying attempts on her life and met Reilly Delancey, a handsome...

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Heartless Rebel ebook

Special Releases July 2011 by Lynn Raye Harris Jack…Red-Hot. Renegade. Restless. Notorious gambler Jack no longer gets a buzz from the risks he takes at the card table. In fact it bores him. Until one night he wins more than he ever bargained for… His prize is stunning Cara Taylor – she might be down on her luck but she certainly doesn’t need rescuing by a card-shark like Jack! Now she’s stuck with him she doesn’t know whether to love him or loathe him.

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Air Time ebook

Mira March 2012 “Hank Phillippi Ryan knows how to create characters that come to life and capture your heart.”—New York Times bestselling author Brenda NovakWhen savvy TV reporter Charlotte McNally enters the glamorous world of high fashion, she soon discovers that when the purses are fake—the danger is real. And no one can be trusted!Now Charlotte can’t tell the real from the fake as she goes undercover to bring the couture counterfeiters to justice—and in her struggle to answer an all-important, life-changing question from a certain handsome professor…the one thing Charlotte knows for sure is that the wrong...

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What His Money Can't Hide book

The man with the golden touch Drake Ashton has defied his under-privileged, unloved upbringing to become a world-famous architect. With a house in Mayfair and a platinum card to buy anything he wants, his past is well and truly behind him. Until he’s called back home to revitalise his family’s ailing fortunes… Layla Jerome has been duped by the trappings of wealth before – a man with money isn’t enough to impress her! So when Drake strides into her small town like Midas himself she’s determined not to be branded by his touch. But when she’s faced with the sheer force of Drake, that’s more easily said than...

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The Girl Nobody Wanted both

Jilted Bride Stranded with a Notorious Playboy Anna Constantinides, publicly humiliated when her long-time fiancé announced his engagement to someone else, might have thought things couldn’t get any worse… Until her private jet crash-landed on an uninhabited island, leaving her stranded with billionaire hotel magnate Leo Jackson! Renowned playboy Leo’s reputation is legendary and, if the smouldering looks they were fighting to contain when rescued are anything to go by, there can only be one question on everybody’s lips: just how long did it take wickedly sexy Leo to undress buttoned-up heiress Anna…?!

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