Bargain Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (DVD) Stockists

Feature-length comedy based on the award-winning TV series starring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley as the infamous Edina and Patsy. Causing mayhem and havoc wherever they go, Edina and Patsy continue to enjoy their booze-soaked, glamorous lifestyle when they find themselves taking the blame for a major faux pas at a trendy London launch party. Consequently hounded by the media and paparazzi, the pair flee to the south of France where they immediately settle in to the ways of lavish living. Despite being broke, the duo conspire a way to prolong their stay. The film also sees the return of Edina's daughter Saffy (Julia Sawalha), her exasperated mother (June Whitfield) and the oddball Bubble (Jane Horrocks). The all-star cast also features cameos from Kate Moss, Gwendoline Christie and Graham Norton. Running Time: 91 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 5 Dec. 2016

Bargain Deal: £13.99

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Rio 2016 Olympic Games (DVD) Stockists

Highlights of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The collection includes every one of Team GB's 67 medal wins as well as highlights from the opening and closing ceremonies. Running Time: 565 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 3 Oct. 2016

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We Were Soldiers (2002) (DVD) Stockists

Mel Gibson stars as Colonel Hal Moore in this big budget war movie telling the true story of the Battle of Landing Zone X-Ray. The year is 1965 and Colonel Moore's men arrive in the highlands of South Vietnam ready to carry out a search-and-destroy mission. But thanks to a fault in military intelligence, they disembark near a large North Vietnamese army base and soon find themselves surrounded. What follows is a three-day battle resulting in massive casualties for both sides. Running Time: 132 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 5 Nov. 2007

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Terrahawks: Volume 1 (DVD) Stockists

All 13 episodes from the first series of the British science fiction series set in the year 2020. The Terrahawks are an elite team headed by Doctor 'tiger' Ninestein (voice of Jeremy Hitchen) tasked with protecting Earth from invasion from hostile aliens. An invasion soon occurs, however, in the form of Zelda (Denise Bryer) who intends to conquer Earth and populate it with her android family. The Terrahawks team must battle Zelda's monsters who are able to imitate Lieutenant Hiro (also Hitchen). The episodes are: 'Expect the Unexpected: Part 1', 'Expect the Unexpected: Part 2', 'Gold', 'thunder-Roar', 'Close Call', 'From Here...

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The Reptile [1966](DVD & BLU-RAY) Stockists

This Hammer horror classic is set in Cornwall, where the village folk are dying from mysterious snakebites. Nearby a young woman suffers under a curse which regularly transforms her into a reptile. Made at Bray studios, on the same sets that were used for 'Plague of the Zombies.' Running Time: 90 minutes Region: Region B/2 (Read more about DVD/Blu-ray formats.) Subtitles: English Release Date: 18 Jun. 2012

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Z Cars (DVD) Stockists

Every decade has its own kind of cop show, and in the 1960s and early 70s, following years of national love and acclaim for Dixon of Dock Green, it came time for a new breed of policeman to take to the screen. Set in Newtown, a fictional setting to the North of Liverpool, it captures a time when coppers were leaving the beat for fast-paced response vehicles the Z-Cars of the title. These colour episodes from 1972 make up our first collection, capturing some of the characters and crimes that shaped the long ago decade of old-school policing, when the concept of a crime family was up to three generations of burglars, shoplifters...

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The Best Of Ray Conniff (CD) Stockists

'S Wonderful (Album Version)by Ray Conniff For All We Know (Album Version)by Ray Conniff Unchained Melody (Album Version)by Ray Conniff & His Orchestra & Chorus Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo (Album Version)by Ray Conniff The Look Of Love (Album Version)by Ray Conniff and The Singers Music To Watch Girls By (Album Version)by Ray Conniff and The Singers Somewhere, My Love (Lara's Theme from "Doctor Zhivago") (Album Version)by Ray Conniff and The Singers Killing Me Softly With Her Song/There Was A Girl (Album Version)by Ray Conniff & His Orchestra As Time Goes Byby Ray Conniff & His Orchestra Memories Are Made Of This (Album...

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David Copperfield (2000) (DVD) Stockists

Beautiful Irish locations (a closer match for early 19th-century England than anywhere in present-day Britain) and a star-studded cast enhance this three-hour TV version of Charles Dickens immortal classic. Most supporting roles are played by distinguished British character actors (Anthony Andrews, Eileen Atkins, Paul Bettany, Judy Cornwell, Nigel Davenport, Edward Hardwicke, Alan Howard, Freddie Jones, Alec McCowen, Dudley Sutton, Peter Woodthorpe), with Sally Field and Michael Richards guest-starring as Betsy Trotwood and Wilkins Micawber. Though the latter is eye-catchingly played as a pratfall-prone Victorian ancestor of...

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Women Behind Bars (DVD) Stockists

Sultan of sleaze Jess Franco (VENUS IN FURS, SUCCUBUS) directs this depraved delicacy destined to delight connoisseurs of crime and perverted punishment. Raven-haired beauty Lina Romay (FEMALE VAMPIRE, MACUMBA SEXUAL) and blonde bombshell Martine Stedil (BARBED WIRE DOLLS) lead an exotic cast of curvaceous criminals in this uncut, uncensored entry in the women-in-prison genre. Running Time: 101 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.) Subtitles: English Release Date: 11 Sept. 2017

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Pilgrimage With Simon Reeve - As Seen on BBC2 (DVD) Stockists

For centuries pilgrimage was one of the greatest adventures on earth, involving epic journeys across the country and around the world. This series sees Simon Reeve retrace the exciting adventures of our ancestors. He meets inspirational modern travellers, sees extraordinary sights and learns about the forgotten aspects of pilgrimage, including the vice, thrills and dangers, that all awaited travellers. He explores the faith, the hopes, desires, and even the food that helped to keep medieval Britons and more recent travellers on the road. In this series Simon journeys first from northern England to Canterbury. Then across France...

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Aircraft Recognition For Royal Navy Gunners - 1940 (DVD) Stockists

Compilation of films used by the Royal Navy in 1940 to train personnel in Allied and enemy aircraft recognition. Aircraft profiled include: Spitfire, Hurricane, Blenheim, Sunderland, Swordfish, Wellington, Me-109, Ju-88, Do-17, and He-115. Running Time: 72 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 7 Jun. 2010

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