Best Abus Aduro Helmet Stockists

Best Abus Aduro Helmet Stockists

The ultimate all rounder helmet with 14 cooling air vents (front with bug mesh) a detachable peak a rear red LED light and a dual compound ZoomLite adjustment system for ease of use and a comfy stable fit every time.Features:* In-Mold for durable fusion of the outer shell and the shock absorbing helmet material (EPS)* Removable visor with dummy plugs* ZoomLite - percise adjustment system with handy wheel* Integrated LED light in the adjustment wheel for additional safety in darkness* Size adjustment via two component full ring for ideal stability and flexibility* Very good ventilation with 11 air inlets and 3 outlets connected by deep air stream channels* Integrated fly net* Removable and washable padding with highest wearing comfort* Soft touch straps easy to adjust by practical sliders* High passive safety thanks to huge and very intense reflectors * This multi-purpose helmet fulfils the demands of cyclists and skaters for fitness everyday and touring activities

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Abus Granit Plus 470 230mm Ush D Lock

The new Granit Plus 470 packs in a whole host of features to create a really impressive lock. The beefy lock body is produced from hardened steel and incorporates the world famous ABUS Plus key mechanism. This works in tandem with Powercell technology retaining both ends of the shackle independently to massively increase resistance to all forms of pulling attack. The 12mm hardened steel shackle includes a stylish parabolic curve for improved strength against bottle jack attack. Includes USH frame bracket ABUS code card and 2 keys one with LED light.

'Abus Granit Plus 470 230mm Ush D Lock Deal' priced at £51.99  =>  Click for Deal


Abus Sinus Plus 230 USH D-Lock & Cable Set

Abus Sinus Plus 230 USH D-Lock & Cable SetDouble pack that includes Abus Sinus Plus 230 USH D-Lock and Abus Cobra Cable Boasting a 'Sold Secure' silver rating, both the lock body and shackle are produced from specially developed hardened steel and incorporate the ABUS Plus key locking mechanism. The 12mm shackle protects against pulling tools and hammer attacks. Price includes the USH bracket which is one of the easiest to mount bracket systems on the market. Features:Abus Sinus Plus 230 USH D-Lock: Powercell Technology - the lock body secures each end of the shackle independently, thus increasing the lock's resistance to twisting,...

'Abus Sinus Plus 230 USH D-Lock & Cable Set Deal' priced at £31.49  =>  Click for Deal


Abus 6512k Booster Cable Lock

Strong flexible and versatile the 6512K Booster has a strong 12mm cable a quality cylinder with automatic locking function and it is supplied with 2 coded keys. The new innovative Snap Cage SCMU frame bracket can be mounted on any diameter tube between 15 to 55mm and it requires no tools for fitting. Rigorous testing ensures it will withstand the most extreme weather and riding conditions.

'Abus 6512k Booster Cable Lock Deal' priced at £23.99  =>  Click for Deal


Abus U-grip 585 Chain 75cm

The uGrip Chain features the “soft touch” coating around the shackle which protects the frame and paint from damage and provides a nice easy handling design.The longer the lock the easier to handle: The uGrip Chain is available in 75 and 100 cm lengths offering enough room to lock your bike to a fixed object. Its 5 mm thick square chain the special hardened steel used in the chain and the lock body in addition to the quality ABUS cylinder make the uGrip Chain a good security at low theft riskThanks to the modern and trendy design the range of colours and the different security levels means there is a lock for every taste...

'Abus U-grip 585 Chain 75cm Deal' priced at £26.39  =>  Click for Deal


Abus Bag For Ugrip Bordo 5700 Lock


'Abus Bag For Ugrip Bordo 5700 Lock Deal' priced at £15.29  =>  Click for Deal


Abus Bordo Granit X Plus Folding Bike Lock

The brand new for 2009 Bordo Granit X-Plus brings new levels of security to an already seriously versatile product. Building on the strength of the established Bordo and Bordo combination locks the Bordo Granit X-Plus tops the range. An 85cm long Sold Secure Gold rated foldable lock – it simply has no competition.85cm

'Abus Bordo Granit X Plus Folding Bike Lock Deal' priced at £87.99  =>  Click for Deal


Abus Texkf Mini Bracket For 860/1350/895


'Abus Texkf Mini Bracket For 860/1350/895 Deal' priced at £18.39  =>  Click for Deal


Abus 430 170hb Ultimate D Lock 230mm

The latest Insurance Approved lock from ABUS is the new Super Ultimate with a Sold Secure Gold rating.For the Super Ultimate design ABUS were inspired by the popular U-Mini 401 lock with the brightly coloured body using this feature and creating a yellow casing to house the lock gives the Super Ultimate great visibility and distinctive look.Combining a large ergonomic grip and soft feel coating helps to protect your bike against frame damage supplied with a universal mounting bracket to make transportation easier the Super Ultimate is the perfect lock to help protect your bike.* Sold Secure Gold* High security and modern design*...

'Abus 430 170hb Ultimate D Lock 230mm Deal' priced at £43.99  =>  Click for Deal


Abus Ultra 410 D-lock 300mm

Featuring a simple strong and attractive design the new Ultra 410 is the ideal entry level D-lock and complements the Super Ultimate and Ultimate line-up. Its simple design conceals a number of high-tech advancements in security including a new double layered key with decoy cuttings and a cylinder with special wafers which make this lock virtually impossible to pick with conventional methods. Every variant is Sold Secure Silver certified.The 12mm thick double bolted hardened steel shackle extends all the way through the lock body providing excellent protection against cutting and torsion attacks in a simple yet innovative design....

'Abus Ultra 410 D-lock 300mm Deal' priced at £31.99  =>  Click for Deal



The innovative 1650 cable combines new technology from ABUS whereby the product has the comfort of a combination lock but with the advantages of a key lock. •12mm steel cable with protective PVC coating •Individually settable code

'ABUS 1650 COMBINATION COIL Cable Bike Lock Deal' priced at £35.99  =>  Click for Deal

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