Bargain Adol Bush Flower Essence Stockists

Bargain Adol Bush Flower Essence Stockists

Adol Bush Flower Essence is a wonderfully natural way to help you manage your emotions, be yourself, relaxed, fulfilled and natural. Based on Bach's system, Australian Bush Flower Essences were developed by homeopath and naturopath Ian White, using the vast array of unique flora on the Australian continent. They combine ancient aboriginal methods with extensive modern research. Negative Condition: Troubled teenager or parent Positive Outcome: May help address major teenage issues, encouraging self-acceptance, stability and optimism  

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Stockists of Pink Flannel Flower Australian Bush Flower Essence

Pink Flannel Flower Australian Bush Flower Essence

Vibrational infusion of Actinotus forsythii Flowers.

Stockists of Abund Bush Flower Essence

Abund Bush Flower Essence

Negative Condition: Pessimistic; closed to receiving; fear of lack; poverty consciousness Positive Outcome: Joyful sharing; belief in abundance; clears sabotage; universal trust

Stockists of Cognis Bush Flower Essence

Cognis Bush Flower Essence

This essence powerfully addresses the area of superlearning. Negative Condition: Daydreaming, poor memory, overwhelm, procrastination, poor concentration, dyslexia, confusion Positive Outcome: Assimilates ideas, clarity & focus, communication,...

Stockists of Confid Bush Flower Essence

Confid Bush Flower Essence

This essence is the perfect combination to bring about self-esteem and confidence. Brings out the positive qualities of self esteem and confidence. It allows us to feel comfortable around other people and be true to ourselves. It resolves negative subconscious...

Stockists of Creative Bush Flower Essence

Creative Bush Flower Essence

Frees your voice and opens your heart. Inspires creative and emotional expression in a gentle and calm way and gives you courage and clarity in public speaking and singing. Negative Condition: Creative blocks and inhibitions Positive Outcome:...

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