Bargain Aldington, Craig and Collinge Stockists

Bargain Aldington, Craig and Collinge Stockists

Peter Aldington started his independent architectural practice in 1962 quickly earning an international reputation for designing small houses that respected their village locations and achieved magical transitions between interior and garden. The group of three houses at Haddenham Buckinghamshire (1964-68) now listed Grade II* where Aldington created a well-known garden is still widely admired and visited and has been vested in a trust.John Craig became a partner in the practice in 1970 and they went on to design ground-breaking doctors' group practice surgeries shops office interiors and public housing. With the Royal Mail at Hemel Hempstead in the mid 1980s Aldington Craig and their younger partner Paul Collinge produced their own version of High Tech. It is however for their houses including the Anderton House near Barnstaple now owned by the Landmark Trust that the practice remains chiefly associated. Alan Powers Chairman of the Twentieth Century Society draws on the recollections of the partners and on contemporary documents to describe the distinctive ideology of Aldington Craig and Collinge through their built and unbuilt projects. He positions them against the shifting background of modernism in Britain in which Aldington and Craig played a role as educators and polemicists calling for better public understanding of the value that architects could bring to every aspect of living and place-making. The narrative casts new light on the continuing work of the practice following the retirement of the two founding partners.This book has been commissioned as part of a series of books on 20th Century Architects by RIBA Publishing English Heritage and The Twentieth Century Society.Out of Print: Aug 2016

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Margates Seaside Heritage Stockists

The seaside holiday and the seaside resort are two of England's greatest exports to the world. Since the early 18th century when some of the wealthiest people first sought improved health by bathing in saltwater the lure of the sea has been a fundamental part of the British way of life and millions of people still head to the coast each year.Margate has an important place in the story of seaside holidays. It vies with Scarborough Whitby and Brighton for the title of England's first seaside resort and it was the first to offer sea-water baths to visitors. Margate can also claim other firsts including the first Georgian...

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The Wessex Hillforts Project Stockists

The earthwork forts that crown many hills in Southern England are among the largest and most dramatic of the prehistoric features that still survive in our modern rural landscape. The Wessex Hillforts Survey collected wide-ranging data on hillfort interiors in a three-year partnership between the former Ancient Monuments Laboratory of English Heritage and Oxford University.These defended enclosures occupied from the end of the Bronze Age to the last few centuries before the Roman conquest have long attracted archaeological interest and their function remains central to study of the Iron Age. The communal effort and high degree...

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Guidebook: Brodsworth Hall and Gardens Stockists

Brodsworth Hall is an outstanding example of a Victorian country house. Built and furnished between 1861 and 1863 by Charles Sabine Augustus Thellusson the house has survived with most of its original contents and was given to English Heritage in 1990.Since then it has undergone a comprehensive conservation programme before opening to the public for the first time in 1995. This souvenir guide contains a full tour of the house from the opulent interiors of the family rooms to the solidly practical servants' wing together with the delightful gardens. It includes a history of the Thellusson and Grant-Dalton families illustrated...

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Historic Airports Stockists

The realisation of mankind's age-old dream of flight is probably one of the collective adventures that best characterises the century we have just left its greatest novelty. In the space of only three or four generations aviation has conquered the entire planet and international airports have developed into sleepless cities. At the beginning of 1999 the European Commission sponsored an international project on aviation's architectural heritage set up at the instigation of the French Ministry of Culture together with English Heritage and Landesdenkmalamt Berlin the official heritage body of the German capital. The project's...

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Radiocarbon Dates: 2002 - 2004 Stockists

This volume holds a datelist of 476 radiocarbon determinations carried out between 2002 and 2004 in support of research funded by English heritage through the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund. It contains supporting information about the samples and the sites producing them a comprehensive bibliography and two indexes for reference and analysis. An introduction provides information about the scientific dating undertaken and methods used for the analyses reported. Details of technical reports available for programmes of luminescence dating and amino-acid racemization funded under this scheme are also provided. The datelist...

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Palaces for Pigs - (HB) Stockists

Throughout the centuries there have been castles great and small for animals as diverse as goats and guinea pigs deer and dogs cows and bees pigs and horses as well as bears and even salmon.Thus a red sandstone elephant with a castle on its back was designed for bees in Cheshire in the 1800s and a Grecian temple with tapering Egyptian windows was built for pigs in Yorkshire in 1883. These buildings are not mere curiosities; John Nash applied himself at his most picturesque to a dovecote while Capability Brown was commissioned to create a classical menagerie and Henry Holland designed an elaborate Chinese Dairy.These buildings...

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Ancoats Stockists

First hailed as a wonder of the new industrial world to later 19th-century commentators the name Ancoats became synonymous with dark satanic mills and urban poverty. This book intends to raise awareness of the wide range and varied character of the historic mills buildings and canals which constitute the Ancoats townscape and the forces and trends which have contributed to its appearance. It outlines through its buildings how the area and its community have evolved over the last two and a half centuries.As well as the local person interested in his or her city and its history this book will appeal to all those with an interest...

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Guidebook: Prudhoe Castle Stockists

At the centre of a landed estate Prudhoe Castle has been occupied continuously for more than nine centuries. This guidebook includes a tour of the medieval castle and 19th-century gentleman's house and a history of the site and surrounding area from the Norman Conquest to the present day. It contains full-colour maps plans and photographs and an eyewitness account of the castle's recent history.Key Features:32 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2006

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Alston Moor, Cumbria Stockists

Raises awareness of the wide range and varied character of the historic landscape and buildings of Alston Moor - Highlights the bastle - a rare and unique northern upland building - Part of the critically acclaimed Informed Conservation series. Alston Moor is a large rural parish in Cumbria which historically both depended upon and provided important services for the agricultural and mineral industries of the North Pennines. Much of the area's settlement is dispersed among hamlets and single farmsteads. Isolated from major northern cities such as Carlisle and Newcastle by the surrounding hills and moors the parish's...

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Railways and Rural Life Stockists

This beautiful photography book records the work of Sydney Walter Alfred Newton a commercial photographer who was based in Leicester in the late 19th and early 20th century. The young Newton recorded the London Extension of the Great Central Railway - the last main line - between Nottingham and London travelling the route with his camera. Significantly in addition to photographing the railway and its associated features Newton also recorded the navvy community and the rural life in the villages along the course of the line. Railway interest local history and social history intertwine to provide a unique picture of life...

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