Bargain Ally Mcbeal   The Complete Collection (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Ally Mcbeal - The Complete Collection (DVD) Stockists

This must-have boxset contains all the funny and memorable moments from this hilarious show including Ally's eccentric colleagues, a now-married-to-someone-else childhood sweetheart and her incredible overactive imagination that's working overtime. All 5 seasons with A-list guest appearances including Jon Bon Jovi, Robert Downey Jnr, Lucy Liu and Portia de Rossi. Running Time: 4974 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English|French|Dutch Release Date: 19 Nov. 2007

Bargain Deal: £49.99

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75th Birthday Celebration - Joan Baez Box set (CD+DVD) Stockists

On January 27th, 2016, folk icon Joan Baez celebrated her 75th birthday with a historic performance at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. The special event honoured her legendary 50-plus years in music in an intimate, career-spanning live performance, which is beautifully presented here. Baez performed alongside fellow artists and friends, including: David Bromberg, Jackson Browne, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Judy Collins, David Crosby, Indigo Girls, Emmylou Harris, Damien Rice, Paul Simon, Mavis Staples, Nano Stern and Richard Thompson. Of the event, Rolling Stone calls her performance "true to spirit, a folk concert through...

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Mork & Mindy: Complete Collection (DVD) Stockists

Get ready to laugh with Mork & Mindy, the insanely popular Happy Days spin off that crash-landed onto television in 1978. Fans went wild for this wacky, off-the-wall sitcom featuring a misfit alien who departs from the faraway planet of Ork to come study crazy? earthling customs. After touching down near Boulder, Colorado, Mork (Robin Williams) encounters the beautiful college student Mindy (Pam Dawber). The two strike up a charming and entertaining friendship that is full of good times and unexpected surprises. Revisit the hilarious sitcom that launched Robin Williams' career into warp drive with this four-season, 15-disc...

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The Boeing B29 Superfortress - Wings of Destruction (American War Eagles Series) [DVD] Stockists

The Boeing B-29 Superfortress was the most advanced bomber aircraft to see operational service during World War II. It was the first of the true "Heavy Bombers", and the first bomber with pressurised crew compartments. It differed from its predecessors by the use of remotely controlled machine gun turrets. Designed in 1940 as an eventual replacement for the B-17 and B-24, the first one built made its maiden flight on September 21 1942. In December 1943, it was decided not to use the B-29 in the European theatre, thereby permitting the aircraft to be sent to the Pacific area, where its great range made it particularly suited...

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The Chief - The Complete Fourth Series (DVD) Stockists

This outstanding police procedural drama stars noted actor Martin Shaw as Alan Cade, the compassionate and resolutely reformist chief constable of Eastland, a fictional East Anglian force; a distinguished guest cast includes Philip Glenister, Andy Serkis, John Shrapnel, Peter Egan and Nickolas Grace. While this fourth series continues to show the many challenges facing Cade and his frontline team, from drug crime to terrorist bombings, witness intimidation and the exploitation of migrant workers, the focus remains on the politics of modern policing. The former Met commissioner s radical approach still antagonises his superiors...

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Cats - Ultimate Edition [1998](DVD) Stockists

The first ever film of an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical taken straight from the stage - at the New London Theatre on Drury Lane. The longest running musical on the West End, this production features Elaine Paige and Sir John Mills in its cast. Running Time: 116 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: None Release Date: 06/05/2002

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The Riddle Of The Sands (DVD) Stockists

Spy thriller based on the novel by Erskine Childers. Two sailboating Englishmen discover a massive German fleet secretly preparing to attack their nation and set out to do something about it. Not only do they have to thwart the German Navy but also Kaiser Wilhelm (Wolf Kahler) himself. Synopsis In The Riddle Of The Sands [1979], a British yachtsman named Charles Caruthers (Michael York) and his friend accidentally find themselves having to overcome a pre-World War One German trial invasion force in the North Sea. The film also stars Jenny Agutter and Simon MacCorkindale. Running Time: 102 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles:...

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Lady Godiva Rides Again (DVD) Stockists

Comedy that launches a thinly-veiled attack on beauty contests of the time. After numerous attempts at winning beauty contests, star struck waitress Marjorie (Pauline Stroud), makes the finals of a 'Lady Godiva' contest, unaware that the result has been rigged. Having one first prize, Marjorie lands a movie contract, and it seems her future is guaranteed. But the glitz soon fades as she finds she doesn't have the talent to last in the cut-throat film business, reduced to performing nude in French reviews. Luckily, her boyfriend Larry (John McCallum) arrives in the nick of time to whisk her off to a life of domestic bliss. ...

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The Woody Allen Collection [DVD] (1971) Stockists

These 20 films showcase the masterful wit range and talent of Academy Award winner Woody Allen*. From outrageously funny comedies to character-rich love stories, this extensive collection pays tribute to one of Hollywood's most entertaining and acclaimed filmmakers. AliceA woman develops magical powers, thanks to an Asian herbalist. Offers French, Spanish and German language dubbing and English for the heared impaired, French, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian subtitles.Annie Hall Comedian Alvy Singer falls for ditzy but delightful Annie Hall in this Best Picture Oscar winner. Offers French, Spanish, German and...

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The Knights Templar [2000] (DVD) Stockists

Formed during the first crusades, the Knights Templar has been linked to The Holy Grail, The Shroud of Turin, the Freemasons and hidden, still undiscovered treasure. Research, re-enactment and graphics tell the incredible story of the Templars from their formation in Jerusalem in 1118 to the horrific tortures and massacres that attempted to eliminate the order 200 years later. Yet, as this film shows, the legend lives on. Running Time: 104 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 11 Mar. 2002

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Starfish (DVD) Stockists

The true and incredibly moving story of Tom and Nicola Ray (Tom Riley, Joanne Froggatt), whose love is tested to the limit when their perfect life falls apart. When Tom puts his small daughter to bed one chilly December evening, he has everything he could ever want - the house of his dreams, the life of a writer, a beautiful wife and a second baby on the way, By the next morning, all of this is in jeopardy as Tom succumbs to the devastating illness that is sepsis. As Tom and Nic battle to hold their family and their marriage together, the strength of their relationship is the only thing that can save them. Running Time: 85...

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