Bargain Amadeus( Dual Sided Disc) [1984](DVD) Stockists

Bargain Amadeus( Dual-Sided Disc) [1984](DVD) Stockists

Oscar-winning biopic, based on the play by Peter Shaffer, which tells the story of the composer Antonio Salieri (F. Murray Abraham) and his relationship to the man he later claims to have murdered, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hulce). Having already gained the confidence of the Emperor, Salieri is frustrated by the arrival of the genius Mozart, a man who quickly usurps his position in the court. His frustration is magnified by both his disapproval of Mozart's vulgar behaviour and by the fact that it is he, more so than anyone else, who can appreciate the true beauty of the young composer's work. When Mozart dies under mysterious circumstances, can it really be Salieri who is to blame? Running Time: 153 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English|Arabic Release Date: 7 Dec. 1998

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Forces Sweetheart [DVD] Stockists

Favourite Hy Hazell plays Judy James, a performer with ENTA, the British equivalent of USO. Three goofy soldiers played by Harry Secombe, Michael Bentine and Freddie Frinton, vie for the affections of the lovely Judy. Running Time: 71 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 1 Nov. 2010

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The Last Days Of Pompeii [1935] (DVD) Stockists

Brutalized by poverty, gentle blacksmith Marcus (Preston Foster) turns to the arena in Pompeii and becomes a gladiator. The more men he kills, the more bitter and cynical he becomes. After his gladiatorial career ends he takes up slaving, and fighting as a mercenary in the far off land of Judea. It is in Judea that he is fated to meet a great man - a man later crucified by his friend Pontius Pilate (Basil Rathbone) on a lonely hill outside Jerusalem. Before his life is through, Marcus will see his adored son (John Wood) turn to the forbidden teachings of that man, realise the true horror and cruelty of the Roman arena and witness...

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Calling Inspector Marotta: St Peter's Treasure [2014] (DVD) Stockists

Based on the sensational true story of the robbery of St Peter's Treasure from the Vatican. 1925: the first Sacred year after the war - Inspector Marotta is called to Rome to investigate rumours of a breath-taking robbery which is said to be like no other ever attempted before. A theft of such proportions in the middle of the Sacred Year would be a disaster and the only way to avoid it is to infiltrate the criminal circles. Unknown in Rome Inspector Marotta goes undercover gaining the confidence of the criminals until he is at the heart of the Italian underworld and in the middle of a plot to steal the most valuable treasure...

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Variety Acts & Turns Of The Second World War 1939-1945 (DVD) Stockists

Variety ActsAnd TurnsOf The Second World War .Another first on DVD Over 2 1/2 hours of the performances and songs sung by thepopulist, morale boosting variety acts and singers of the Second World War. Artistswhohelped the frontline troops and home front civilians alike to Keep Smiling Through thedark days of war.Featuring balancing acts, strongmen, comedians, musicians and singers includingFlanagan & Allen, Gracie Fields, Robb Wilton, Sydney Burchall, Tommy Trinder, PeterSinclair, Vera Lynn, Max Wall, Joe Loss, Cyril Fletcher, Tommy Handley and Mantovaniamong many, many more!This release also celebrates the wartime work...

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The Octagon [1980] (DVD) Stockists

Scott's (Chuck Norris) life is plagued by memories of his accidentally injuring a friend during the rigorous training he endured under a martial arts master. A wealthy heiress, who seeks revenge against an international terrorist training camp known as The Octagon, enlists his help through suspense and intrigue, because he is the only one who can defeat his adopted brother running the operation. As Scott becomes perilously drawn to The Octagon he realizes his brother has turned to the dark side while training many different terrorist groups in the ninja style of killing using electrifying techniques and secrets only the two...

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Holiday Inn (2-Disc Special Edition) [1942] (DVD) Stockists

With music by Irving Berlin, songs by Bing Crosby and dancing by Fred Astaire, Holiday Inn is one of the most delightful and memorable musicals of all time. Crosby plays Jim Hardy, a song and dance man who leaves showbiz to open a Connecticut Inn. Astaire plays Ted Hanover, Hardy's former partner and rival in love. And, of course there are girls (Marjorie Reynolds and Virginia Dale), an agent (Walter Abel) and plenty of lavish song and dance routines with spectacular production numbers. It contains all your favourite Irving Berlin hit songs, including the one and only "White Christmas" .Disc 1: Black & White Version Special...

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Alan Bennett At The BBC (DVD) Stockists

Alan Bennett is one of Britain's most popular and prolific authors and playwrights. He initially wrote for the stage, but found that with his observant eye for the absurdities of modern life and sharp ear for dialogue, his work transferred easily and effectively to the small screen. This collection brings together many of Alan Bennett's previously unreleased BBC productions dating from 1972 through to 1994. It includes his first television play, A Day Out; autobiographical pieces such as Dinner at Noon and Portrait or Bust and celebrated plays such as A Woman of No Importance, An Englishman Abroad and A Question of Attribution....

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De-Lovely (DVD) Stockists

Filled with his unforgettable songs, this is a musical portrait of American composer Cole Porter. Porter's elegant, excessive past is brought to life, including his deeply complicated relationship with his wife and muse, Linda Lee Porter. Popular hits such as 'Anything Goes', 'It's De-Lovely' and 'Night and Day' are performed by contemporary stars including Robbie Williams, Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow and Elvis Costello. Running Time: 125 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: Czech|Danish|Finnish|Greek|Hebrew|Hungarian|Norwegian|Portuguese|Swedish|English Release Date: 7 Mar. 2005

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No Time for Tears (DVD) Stockists

Anna Neagle, George Baker and Anthony Quayle take leading roles in this star-studded medical drama, with an early film role for Sylvia Syms as a beautiful young nurse at the very beginning of her career. Presented here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements, No Time for Tears is a moving, sympathetic portrayal of the challenges faced by all those who enter this most demanding yet rewarding of professions from routine operations to more serious conditions, from anxious, sometimes hostile parents to workplace romance.The lives of the staff and patients of Mayfield Children's Hospital are inextricably woven together...

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Scarf Jack (DVD) Stockists

Starring: Roy Boyd, Simon Cuff, Richard Greene, Keith Jayne British mini-series based on the novel by PJ Kavanagh set in Ireland during a rebel uprising in 1795. The mysterious swashbuckling hero, Scarf Jack (Roy Boyd), appears from nowhere to rescue his fellow Irish citizens from the tyrannical practices of the occupying Brits. Genre: TV Release Date: 20th July 2009 Year of production: 1981 Director: Christopher McMaster Running Time: 144 min Cat No: 131828 Barcode: 5019322318286 No Disc: 1 Certification: PG Format: DVD

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