Bargain An Archaeology of Town Commons in England Stockists

Bargain An Archaeology of Town Commons in England Stockists

Historically towns in England were provided with common lands for grazing the draft animals of townspeople engaged in trade and for the pasturing of farm animals in an economy where the rural and the urban were inextricably mixed. The commons yielded wood minerals fruits and wild animals to the town's inhabitants and also developed as places of recreation and entertainment as extensions of domestic and industrial space and as an arena for military religious and political activities.However town commons have been largely disregarded by historians and archaeologists; the few remaining urban commons are under threat and are not adequately protected despite recognition of their wildlife and recreational value. In 2002 English Heritage embarked upon a project to study town commons in England to match its existing initiatives in other aspects of the urban scene. The aim was to investigate through a representative sample the archaeological content and Historic Environment value of urban commons in England and to prompt appropriate conservation strategies for them. The resulting book is the first overview of the archaeology of town commons - a rich resource because of the relatively benign traditional land-use of commons which preserves the physical evidence of past activities including prehistoric and Roman remains as well as traces of common use itself.The recognition of town commons as a valid historical entity and a valued part of the modern urban environment is an important first step towards successful informed conservation. An important consideration for the future is maintaining the character of town commons as a different sort of urban open space distinct from parks and public gardens.Paperback 108pp75 colour and b&w illustrationsPUB DATE: September 2009

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Guidebook: Apsley House Stockists

Apsley House was once the home of the 1st Duke of Wellington. The house has been a national shrine to the victor of Waterloo almost from the day the duke bought it in 1817 two years after the battle.The original house was built by Robert Adam between 1771 and 1778 for Henry Bathurst 1st Baron Apsley. In 1807 he sold the house to Marquess Wellesley older brother of Wellington. In 1817 Wellington bought the lease and employed Benjamin Dean Wyatt to enlarge and remodel the house. Although Wyatt’s alterations were extensive parts of Adam’s design and decoration are still visible today.Over the next 35 years the duke...

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Work Stockists

The working day for the majority of us in 21st century England usually involves long hours spent in front of a computer screen or working in service industries. The photographs in this book evoke a time when work for the majority of people in this country meant long hours of hard manual labour toiling in factories or working the land.The images are of men breaking stones by hand in a quarry; women working in cotton mills; children packing tea. Industries which have all but disappeared from these shores - mining shipbuilding and fishing are depicted. Many of the photographs show rural life before the impact of mechanisation...

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Smoke-Blackened Thatch Stockists

A unique source of late medieval plant remains from Southern England. This publication assesses the archaeobotanical significance of late medieval Smoke Blackened Thatch (SBT) - the best preserved source of medieval plant remains so far discovered. Over 300 examples have been identified in Southern England providing researchers with their first opportunity to examine whole-plant specimens of medieval cereals legumes and crop weeds many of which are proving to be rare or extinct in Britain.The report provides the historical and botanical background of the wild an cultivated material that were used for thatching in the past....

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The Wessex Hillforts Project Stockists

The earthwork forts that crown many hills in Southern England are among the largest and most dramatic of the prehistoric features that still survive in our modern rural landscape. The Wessex Hillforts Survey collected wide-ranging data on hillfort interiors in a three-year partnership between the former Ancient Monuments Laboratory of English Heritage and Oxford University.These defended enclosures occupied from the end of the Bronze Age to the last few centuries before the Roman conquest have long attracted archaeological interest and their function remains central to study of the Iron Age. The communal effort and high degree...

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Guidebook: Wall Roman Site Stockists

The Roman town at Wall was an important staging-post on Watling Street one of the main roads in Roman Britain. The guest house and bath house the remains of which are still visible today were used by travelling officials and imperial messengers. Gradually a small civilian settlement grew up at Wall and local people provided goods and services for the customers of the guest house and bath house.Key Features:28 pagesPaperbackFirst Published in 1958

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Guidebook: Thornton Abbey Stockists

Founded by the powerful magnate William le Gros in 1139 Thornton Abbey became one of the richest Augustinian monasteries in England. Its splendid 14th century gatehouse reflects its enormous wealth and stands as one of the largest monastic gatehouses in the country. Beyond it lie the remains of the abbey church and cloister buildings including the elegant octagonal chapter house begun in the late 13th century.Key Features:28 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2010 (revised reprint)

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Guidebook: Dartmouth Castle Stockists

Dartmouth Castle sits on a promontory where the river Dart meets the English Channel. It was first built in 1388 by the townsmen of Dartmouth under their mayor the merchant and privateer John Hawley to guard the town against French raids during the Hundred Years War.A century later Hawley's 'fortalice' was strengthened with a purpose-built gun tower among the first in Britain equipped with iron guns and a chain stretched across the river to stop warships entering the harbour. A battery with heavier guns was later built facing out to sea. It was improved on several occasions culminating in the Victorian 'Old...

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Gateshead - Architecture in a Changing English Urban Landscape Stockists

Gateshead has often been overshadowed by Newcastle its northern neighbour across the River Tyne yet its history is full of fascinating insights into the way in which a northern industrial town experienced the 19th and 20th centuries.This book explores this period of great change through a study of the town's everyday historic landscape. The story of industry includes the legacy of railway engineering and the construction of the Team Valley Trading Estate a nationally significant example of a state-sponsored attempt to engineer economic change. Gateshead's growth brought new civic responsibilities and the borough's...

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Cold War Stockists

The historical and cultural aspects of the Cold War have been much studied yet its physical manifestations in England its buildings and structures have remained largely unknown.To the great landscape historian WG Hoskins writing in the 1950;s they were profoundly alien: 'England of the & electric fence of the high barbed wire around some unmentionable devilment&. Barbaric England of the scientists the military men and the politicians'Now these survivors of the Cold War are in their turn disappearing fast like medieval monasteries and bastioned forts before them only with more limited scope for regeneration...

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Guidebook: Battle Abbey and Battlefield Stockists

The Battle of Hastings 14th October 1066 was the most famous battle fought on English soil and its consequences are still felt after nearly 1000 years. William the Conqueror built Battle Abbey on the exact place where King Harold died and it thrived as a Benedictine abbey for over 400 years. This guide includes a tour of the battlefield and the imposing abbey buildings and a history of the site illustrated with full-colour maps reconstruction drawings and historical images.Key Features:48 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2007

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