Best An Indecent Proposition ebook Stockists

Best An Indecent Proposition ebook Stockists

Modern February 2012 A scandalous offer she can’t refuse Zander Kargas developed his drive to succeed first from his father’s cruel fists, then from living on the streets. He’s fought for everything, and few challenges remain…or so he thinks! Charlotte is the best secretary Zander has ever had the pleasure of dealing with, and the only woman to fire his blood in a while. But she works for his bitter rival…Zander, assuming he can acquire her the way he does with most things, reaches for his wallet – except Charlotte can’t be bought. So Zander must entice her…beginning with a very indecent proposition! The Secrets of XanosTwo brothers alike in charisma and power; separated at birth and seeking revenge…

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My Fair Concubine both

THE NOBLEMAN WHO TURNED A TEA GIRL INTO A PRINCESS… Yan Ling tries hard to be servile – it’s what’s expected of a girl of her class. Being intelligent and strong-minded, she finds it a constant battle… Proud Fei Long is unimpressed by her spirit – until he realises she’s the answer to his problems… He has to deliver the Emperor a ‘princess’. Can he train a tea girl to pass as a noblewoman in two months? Yet it’s hard to teach good etiquette when all Fei Long wants to do is break it, by taking this tea girl for his own… ‘Beautifully written, deliciously sensual, and rich with Tang Dynasty historical...

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With This Ring, I Thee Bed eBook

tying the knot" a whole new meaning! Seductively spun by such genre luminaries as Kate Pearce, Kristina Wright, Cheyenne Blue, Portia Da Costa, Rachel Kramer Bussel and Janine Ashbless—plus a teasing little tale from the editor herself—these stories prove that the honeymoon is just the beginning!

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Midnight Shadows eBook

“I'M WATCHING YOU.” With a relentless stalker after her, Melissa Langston flees Georgia for her small Florida hometown. Despite changing her name, she soon finds anonymous notes on her doorstep and a menacing figure lurking in the shadows. She's sure her stalker has tracked her down, but the police think she's overreacting. The only one who believes she's in danger is the former cop who broke her heart years ago. Melissa is afraid to get too close to ex-fiancé Chris Jamison, who is back in town to settle family business. Because the more she turns to the handsome man she's never forgotten, the more her stalker wants Chris...

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Just Breathe both

Mira August 2010 Sometimes a breath of fresh air is just what you need Sarah Moon tackles life’s issues with a sharp wit in her comic strip, Just Breathe. With both Sarah and her cartoon heroine undergoing fertility treatments, her fiction often reflects her reality. However, she hadn’t scripted her husband’s infidelity. In the wake of her shattered marriage, Sarah flees to the coastal town in California where she grew up. Revisiting her troubled past, she runs into Will Bonner, the high school heartthrob skewered mercilessly in her comics. And just as her heart is about to reawaken, Sarah makes a most startling discovery…...

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Mercenary's Perfect Mission eBook

Fleeing Samuel Grayson’s cult was risky for Olivia, especially as her child was still there. Now, with the help of ruggedly sexy Micah, Samuel’s twin, they must rescue her son and take down Samuel! But dare she trust Micah…or the way her body reacts to his?

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A Winter Proposal / His Diamond Bride ebook

Cherish January 2011 A Winter Proposal Solicitor Pippa is stunning and successful, and she wants a man to want her for who she is! Her new client, brooding stockbroker Roscoe, is frustrated by her spirited, independent nature. Should he just kiss her senseless or can he tame her with a proposal? His Diamond Bride Sensible Dee is amazed when pilot Mark chooses to pay attention to her! He’s known as a risk-taking rogue with a thirst for adventure! But quiet, intelligent Dee offers Mark a chance to be himself. Can this unlikely couple forge a love to last a lifetime?

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Once A Maverick eBook

The Kincaids The code of the West forbade probing into a stranger's past, but when Tyrel Kincaid found himself helping Dixie Rawlings shoot her way out of a card game, he'd demanded answers. Now, death tracked them across the desert, but Tyrel had never felt more alive... . Bent on gunning down the man who had murdered her father, Dixie Rawlings was a woman possessed. Doomed to walk alone, until the night Ty Kincaid joined her quest, and resurrected long-dead dreams of a life ruled by love... .

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Just One Last Night / Suddenly Single Sophie both

Medical July 2011 Just One Last Night… Juggling life as a stand-in-mum, Grace is already under fire before meeting new boss Brent Cartwright. Brent’s the ex who has always held more of her heart than she’d ever want him to know. As impossible as he was to forget, Brent is now even harder to resist! Dare she dream of one last night with him…? Suddenly Single Sophie Socialite Dr Sophie Carmichael has packed away her stilettos along with her broken heart. Suddenly single, miles from home and starting a new job, she’s determined to show her brooding boss Dr Will Brent she’s not what she seems! Will isn’t convinced...

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Play Dead book

Intrigue March 2012 How do you stop a killer when everyone thinks you’re dead?When Newport Beach heiress Hayley Fordham heads to Costa Rica on an art commission, she has no idea she’s narrowly escaped an assassin’s car bomb. Suddenly her stepsiblings have arranged her funeral and divided the family trust. The fact that Hayley is still very much alive remains a secret to everyone but FBI investigator Ryan Hollister.Ryan has zero tolerance for the pampered elite. But there’s something about Hayley that sets his blood racing. With evidence pointing to a Fordham family associate,Ryan needs her cooperation more than he...

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Expecting Royal Twins! / To Dance with a Prince ebook

Cherish March 2011 Expecting Royal Twins! It’s not every day that a gorgeous prince strides into your workshop and announces he’s your husband! Mechanic Izzy’s shocked and struggling with the idea of exchanging her oil-stained overalls for silken gowns! Until two small surprises change all the rules… To Dance with a Prince Streetwise dancer Meredith’s less than thrilled with teaching privileged Kiernan to dance. Yet, as Meredith uncovers the man behind the royal mask, she’s in for a surprise. She’s never believed in happy endings – let alone one with her own real-life prince!

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