Bargain Ancoats Stockists

Bargain Ancoats Stockists

First hailed as a wonder of the new industrial world to later 19th-century commentators the name Ancoats became synonymous with dark satanic mills and urban poverty. This book intends to raise awareness of the wide range and varied character of the historic mills buildings and canals which constitute the Ancoats townscape and the forces and trends which have contributed to its appearance. It outlines through its buildings how the area and its community have evolved over the last two and a half centuries.As well as the local person interested in his or her city and its history this book will appeal to all those with an interest in the growth of towns and cities and in social history and the legacy of socio-economic industrial and technological change within the built environment. It will also be of interest to planners and conservation officers dealing with regeneration issues.Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Pre-industrial Ancoats 3. Canals and factoriess 4. The pioneer suburb and its workers 5. The architecture of social concern 6. Decline a respite and then fall 7. History with a futureAbout the AuthorsKeith Falconer is Head of Industrial Archaeology at English Heritage.Mike Rose was Professor of Social History at Manchester Metropolitan University.Julian Holder is a Historic Buildings Inspector working in the Heritage Protection Department of English Heritage.Publish Date:September 2011

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English Garden Cities Stockists

'he Garden City Movement provided a radical new model for the design and layout of housing at the turn of the nineteenth century and set standards for the twentieth century which were of international significance. The vision of the movement's founder Ebenezer Howard drew on many strands of political and utopian thought and initially aimed at addressing the problems of an increasingly urban and dysfunctional society along 'the peaceful path to real reform'. It took only five years from 1898 to 1903 for the idea to take root in the open fields of North Hertfordshire when Earl Grey proclaimed the Letchworth Garden...

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Margates Seaside Heritage Stockists

The seaside holiday and the seaside resort are two of England's greatest exports to the world. Since the early 18th century when some of the wealthiest people first sought improved health by bathing in saltwater the lure of the sea has been a fundamental part of the British way of life and millions of people still head to the coast each year.Margate has an important place in the story of seaside holidays. It vies with Scarborough Whitby and Brighton for the title of England's first seaside resort and it was the first to offer sea-water baths to visitors. Margate can also claim other firsts including the first Georgian...

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Cold War Stockists

The historical and cultural aspects of the Cold War have been much studied yet its physical manifestations in England its buildings and structures have remained largely unknown.To the great landscape historian WG Hoskins writing in the 1950;s they were profoundly alien: 'England of the & electric fence of the high barbed wire around some unmentionable devilment&. Barbaric England of the scientists the military men and the politicians'Now these survivors of the Cold War are in their turn disappearing fast like medieval monasteries and bastioned forts before them only with more limited scope for regeneration...

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Yeavering Stockists

This volume – originally published in 1977 and long out-of-print but still in demand – describes the excavation of a site near Wooler in Northumberland which is identified with the place called Ad Gefrin by the Venerable Bede.There Edwin of Northumbria had a northern palace; and there Paulinus his Roman missionary achieved mass-conversions. Excavation showed that the roots of Ad Gefrin stretched further back in time. The site was used as a cremation cemetery from about 2000 BC. Put under the plough at or after the time that a British oppidum was established on an overlooking hill it was still receiving cremations...

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Alston Moor, Cumbria Stockists

Raises awareness of the wide range and varied character of the historic landscape and buildings of Alston Moor - Highlights the bastle - a rare and unique northern upland building - Part of the critically acclaimed Informed Conservation series. Alston Moor is a large rural parish in Cumbria which historically both depended upon and provided important services for the agricultural and mineral industries of the North Pennines. Much of the area's settlement is dispersed among hamlets and single farmsteads. Isolated from major northern cities such as Carlisle and Newcastle by the surrounding hills and moors the parish's...

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Guidebook: Castle Acre Priory and Castle Stockists

The village of Castle Acre is an extraordinary rare survival of a Norman planned settlement full of impressive sights. It has a castle with some of the most spectacular earthworks in England and one of the most picturesque and best-preserved monastic sites in the country. This new guidebook to Castle Acre Priory and Castle contains a richly illustrated tour and history of priory castle and settlement complete with colour photographs plans reconstruction drawings and eyewitness accounts.Key Features:48 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2013

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An Archaeological Map of Hadrians Wall Stockists

Hadrian's Wall is a towering achievement of military engineering and a monument to the power of one of the greatest empires in world history. Stretching across the spine of England from the North-East coast to the Irish Sea the line of the frontier extends for over 100 miles (160 km) through every type of landscape: from the streets of urban Tyneside through arable fields; along the crags of the wild Whin Sill; to the sands of the Solway and down the coast of Cumbria. It was more than just a wall: it was a whole military zone designed to control movement across the northern frontier of the Roman Britain. Great earthwork...

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Guidebook: Ashby de la Zouch & Kirby Muxloe Castles Stockists

The castles of Ashby de la Zouch and Kirby Muxloe were built by William Lord Hastings who acquired immense power and wealth in the service of King Edward IV. Muxloe was never finished after Lord Hastings’s murder in 1483. Ashby remained in use as a family seat and the remains of its magnificent great tower still stand to a height of 24m. Ashby was a royalist stronghold in the Civil War but after a long siege it fell to parliamentarians and was partially demolished. The castle started to attract visitors in the 19th century after Sir Walter Scott set a scene in his novel Ivanhoe there.Key Features:40 pagesPaperbackPublished...

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Guidebook: Dover Castle, French Translation Stockists

Dover Castle's location commanding the shortest sea crossing between England and the Continent has given it immense strategic importance. The chalk of Castle Hill has been shaped and reshaped over the centuries into massive earthworks ditches and mounds. Imposing walls and towers have been raised and networks of tunnels built beneath them. Henry II began the building of the present castle in the 1180s and over the next 800 years its building and defences were adapted to meet the changing demands of weapons and warfare.This guidebook packed with historic images reconstructions and plans provides a full tour of this iconic...

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Guidebook: Tynemouth Priory and Castle Stockists

The prominent headland immediately north of the River Tyne has a long and varied history. An early Christian monastery was established here by the end of the 7th century. St Oswin the murdered king of Deira is believed to have been buried at Tynemouth in 651. The monastery was plundered by the Danes in 800 and eventually destroyed in 875. It was refounded in 1085 as a Benedictine priory dependent on St Albans Abbey in Hertfordshire. The priory was dissolved in 1539 with all other major religious houses.Key Features:40 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2013

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