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Best Animals Are Amazing: Gorillas Stockists

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Our Man in Hibernia

If you think you know Ireland this book will make you think again. Each year on St Patrick's Day the eighty million people around the world claiming Irish ancestry celebrate their spiritual homeland. Millions more don leprechaun hats and swallow pints of Guinness in an annual global high-fiving of all things Irish. Charlie Connelly was one of them. As a Londoner claiming Irish roots he thought he knew what Ireland was all about. Then when he was least expecting it he went to live there. Our Man In Hibernia follows Charlie's adventures living among the Irish. In an engaging and frequently hilarious tale - we learn how a tree...

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Weddings: The Proposals ebook

An irresistible invitation... Since Laura arrived at his family's chateau, Raoul Laroche hasn't taken his eyes off the golden-haired beauty, although Raoul has made up his mind; she's a gold-digger after the family fortune. But the minute Laura Aldridge stepped off the boat, she saw this trip to France as a brand-new beginning... Second time's the charm... TV producer Chaney Sullivan is ready to face her old boss and lover, Drake Llewelyn; that is until she starts to fall for him a second time. But rumour has it Drake is still a heartbreaker. Can Chaney take the biggest risk of all and trust him with her heart? Passion is...

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The Mistress Bride eBook

Married - to his mistress? The whole world was interested in Sheik Raschid Al Kadah and Evie Delahaye. Despite fierce oppostion, their passionate, high-profile affair had lasted for two ecstatic years - but soon the relationship would have to end. Raschid was expected to marry an Arabian princess, and Evie's mother was pushing her toward a member of the English aristocracy. Time was running out, but then something drastic happened. Raschid was a man of honor, which meant he must go against his family's wishes and make Evie his bride... . They're gorgeous, they're glamorous... and they're getting married!

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Rutland Water Ospreys

Anglian Water's project to reintroduce the Osprey to England has been an outstanding success but is also a very personal project for the volunteers who have been involved in the Ospreys' journey from Scotland to Africa via Rutland. This new book published in close collaboration with Anglian Water and the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust is a celebration of their project and a chance for Osprey fans everywhere to discover the many amazing stories behind the Rutland Osprey team's efforts over the last two decades to re-establish these magnificent birds in England. Historically the Osprey was widely distributed throughout...

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In 1699 William Milmullen took his six pupils to the lakeside but only he returned after a creature rose up from the water and devoured the six boys right before his eyes. The whole town was shocked and terrified by the tragedy. Many were now too frightened to go out on the lake to fish and the town's economy was under threat. William Milmullen recovered from the shock of what he'd seen. He named the creature 'The Mourn' and declared himself 'Mourner'. He took upon himself the responsibility to appease the creature by feeding livestock into the lake and vowed his family would forever be responsible for the safety of the...

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Ben Hogan's Five Lessons

Ben Hogan one of the greatest golfers in the history of the sport believed that any golfer with average coordination can learn to break 80 - if they apply themselves patiently and intelligently. With the techniques revealed in this classic book you can learn how to make your game work from tee to green step-by-step and stroke-by-stroke. In each chapter a different tested fundamental is explained and demonstrated with clear illustrations as though Hogan were giving you a personal lesson with the same skill and precision that made him a legend. Whether you're a novice player or an experienced pro BEN HOGAN'S FIVE LESSONS...

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PM Green: Sally and Red Boy (PM Stars) Level 12 x 6

Sally’s dad has a surprise for her. He’s taking her to a farm where the surprise will be revealed. Green level titles introduce more compound words, some longer sentences often with two clauses and different forms of text such as non-fiction, rhymes, diagrams, fables and verse. In PM Stars favourite characters take centre-stage. The series is packed with beautiful illustrations and photographs, and comprises ‘narrative’, ‘families’ and ‘non-fiction’ strands.

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PM Sapphire: Sea Witch (PM Chapter Books) Level 30

“Kristie! We are drifting!” When a fishing boat collides with the mooring buoy of Sea Witch, Kristie and Jez find themselves drifting out to sea… Sapphire level titles provide a selection of stories and non-fiction titles chosen for their range of content, narrative and points of view. This level encourages readers to form opinions and discuss their own reading tastes. The PM Chapter Books offer a broad range of content, characters, narrative structures and points of view. They have been specifically written for students in the middle to upper years with the needs of guided reading in mind.

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Switzerland travel guide - Lake Geneva & Vaud (1.759Mb), 8th Edition May 2015 by Lonely Planet

Look past the silk-smooth chocolate, cuckoo clocks and yodelling - contemporary Switzerland, land of four languages, is all about epic journeys and sublime experiences. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Switzerland, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice: inspirational images, highlights, walks, and recommendations from our expert authors planning features and top itineraries to help you plan the perfect trip local secrets and hidden travel gems that will make your trip unique plus coverage of Switzerland's outdoor activities, the region's food, guide to the Swiss Lakes, plus special coverage...

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