Bargain Another Six English Towns (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Another Six English Towns (DVD) Stockists

Architectural historian Alec Clifton-Taylor OBE presents a potted history and architectural study of another six small English towns of great character. Following on from the popularity of Six English Towns and Six More English Towns, the respected writer continues his travel adventures in architecture, visiting a different location in each episode. In this series he visits Cirencester (Gloucestershire), Whitby (North Yorkshire), Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk), Devizes (Devon), Sandwich (Kent) and Durham (North East). But why these towns? Well, says Clifton-Taylor in his introduction, We wanted rather small towns. And we also wanted places that were visually attractive and part of the English tradition. These are not guide book programmes. Our main concern will be with buildings and especially with houses. I d like every programme to be an exercise in looking. Looking at the changing styles and fashions and at the traditional building materials of England stone, brick, wood, plaster. Erudite, agreeable and accessible, Clifton-Taylor's passion for his subject is also displayed in forthright criticism for modern developments that threaten the identity of a community. A champion of pedestrianisation and despiser of multi-storey car parks, he makes a convincing case for the conservation of our traditional living and working spaces. First broadcast on the BBC Two in 1978, the programmes now serve as a fascinating historical snapshot of the enduring character of each locale. Running Time: 180 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 23 Jan. 2017

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Bonnie And Clyde (DVD) Stockists

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway star in Arthur Penn's lauded crime drama based on the true story of outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. In the 1930s, car thief Clyde (Beatty) teams up with Bonnie (Dunaway), the daughter of one of his victims, and together they become notorious bank robbers and Depression-era folk legends. They form a gang with Clyde's brother, Buck (Gene Hackman), Buck's wife, Blanche (Estelle Parsons), and gas station employee C.W. (Michael J. Pollard). When one of their robberies goes wrong, Clyde commits a murder and, with the police hot on their trail, the gangsters find themselves constantly on the...

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Blake's 7 - Series 2 [1978](DVD) Stockists

Contains all the episodes from Series 2 of Blake's 7: Redemption Shadow Weapon Horizon Pressure Point Trial Killer Hostage Countdown Voice from the Past Gambit The Keeper Star One Synopsis In the third century of the second calendar, after the chaos of the intergalactic wars, a powerful dictatorship has risen to dynamic proportions and engulfed most of the populated worlds. Liberty has become a crime punishable by death, and the majority of the population lives in a drug-induced state of docility. This tyrannical authority fulfils George Orwell's prophecy of 1984 to its most terrifying extremes. This government is known as...

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Spike Milligan: Adolf Hitler - My Part In His Downfall (DVD) Stockists

Spike" Milligan reluctantly obeys his call-up papers and sets out on an Army career filled with adventures that'll bring a smile to the face and a tear to the eye! Running Time: 60 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 7 Feb. 2005

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Accordion Favourites - Jimmy Shand (CD) Stockists

Still a staple of any Hogmanay party the humble accordions unique sound is as much a part of the Scottish tradition as the bagpipes. A master of Scottish dance music Jimmy Shand even crossed over to the pop charts of the day with Bluebell Polka in 1955. An early popularist of Country Dancing folk music, Shand remains a legendary figure. This excellent value disc features a fabulous selection of jigs and reels guaranteed to get any party started!

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London: A Tale Of Two Cities (DVD) Stockists

Dan Cruickshank follows in the footsteps of John Stow and John Strype, two of Londons greatest chroniclers, to explore one of the most dramatic centuries in the history of London. The 17th century saw London plunged into a series of devastating disasters. The Civil War, a murderous plague and the destruction that was the great fire should have seen the small medieval city all but destroyed. Yet somehow, London not only survived but emerged as one of the wealthiest and most influential cities in Europe. Using two remarkable surveys written at either end of this momentous century, Dan Cruickshank discovers how a unique combination...

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Kiss The Girls [1998] (DVD) Stockists

Dr. Alex Cross, a Washington, D.C. police detective and psychologist is searching for his niece, who has disappeared from college in North Carolina, an apparent kidnapping victim. Dr. Kate McTiernan has information vital to unraveling the mystery and joins him in the hunt. While investigating, they uncover two serial killers on both coasts, one of whom is keeping a horrifying modern harem. Running Time: 111 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 5 Nov. 2001

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3 Men And A Body Bag - 3PW (Wrestling) [DVD] Stockists

Things get messy when 3PW PRO PAIN WRESTLING - storms back into action. The drama never ends as Christian York & Joey Matthews face Dylan Night & Rapid Fire Maldonado with Allison Danger & Candi : Robert Pigeon goes up against John ""The Tank"" Toland : Chris Hero challenges Colt Cabana : In a Dog Collar Match - ""Pitbull"" Gary Wolfe battles Rockin Rebel; The Blue Meanie - with Jasmin St Claire faces up to Billy Wiles: In an Evening Gown Match, Jasmin St. Claire lays it on the line against Candi; Public Enemy team up to meet Joey Matthews & Christian York and in the climax - a Three Way Bodybag Match - New...

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Roamin' in the Gloamin' (DVD) Stockists

Collection of Scottish music and films. The footage features Sir Harry Lauder performing songs such as 'I Love a Lassie' and 'Roamin' in the Gloamin', The Glasgow Orpheus Choir in a 1951 concert and Rikki Fulton starring in silent comedies 'Emma's Dilemma' and 'Butterfingers', as well as historical documentaries 'the Fiddlers of James Bay' (1980) and 'You Take the High Road'. Running Time: 96 minutes Region: All Regions Release Date: 17 Oct. 2011

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Neither Heaven Nor Earth (DVD) Stockists

Afghanistan 2014. Approaching the withdrawal of troops, Captain Antará¨s Bonassieu and his squad are assigned to monitor a remote valley of Wakhan, Afghanistan, on the border of Pakistan. Despite their determination, control of this so-called calm sector will gradually crumble as soldiers start to mysteriously disappear one by one Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.) Subtitles: English

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