Bargain Aqua Case for iPad Stockists

Bargain Aqua Case for iPad Stockists

When you’re taking a trip away you still want to stay connected, keeping all your books, games and videos with you. Sometimes though, the worry of damaging your device keeps you from taking all your cool stuff on your jollies. But worry no more with this fantastic Aqua Case for iPad! This case provides a hinged, rubber-sealed, protective, waterproof shield which protects your tablet from the elements. Simply place your iPad 2 or 3 inside the case and follow the instructions carefully. The pack comes with a handy test sheet too, making sure the unit stays perfectly sealed. So if you’re on the beach, in the pool or trekking in the desert, your iPad will stay fully protected. Plus, if you fancy a dip in the sea, you can even take your tablet with you up to a depth of one metre, taking videos of your underwater adventures! Whatever your destination, the Aqua Case will keep your iPad clean, safe and dry.

Bargain Deal: £3.97

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Eye Scope Zoom Lens for iPhone 5 Stockists

Get up close and personal with this amazing iPhone zoom lens that fits on your iPhone 5. Simply click it on to your existing iPhone camera and get picture detail you never thought possible.Mobile phone photography is improving all the time and now rivals or even exceeds the quality of many small digital cameras. But one thing that mobile phone cameras can fall down on is the level of optical zoom available. This clever add-on is a simple solution to the problem giving your iPhone camera an 8x optical zoom ability. Now you can get pictures of small or distant objects while retaining great picture quality.Simply attach the adjustable...

'Eye Scope Zoom Lens for iPhone 5 Deal' priced at £0.97  =>  Click for Deal


Insectoid Stockists

Construct this easy to build insectoid and discover the mechanisms behind robotic movement as it crawls wriggles and walks. Looks just like a real stick insect. c28cm. Requires 2 x AA batteries, supplied separately.Age 8+.

'Insectoid Deal' priced at £11.24  =>  Click for Deal


Lava Lamp Pink Stockists

Soothing floating shapes and captivating colours are enough to calm. So turn on, tune in and drop out. 38 x 7cm. UK plug.Ages 8+

'Lava Lamp Pink Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal



I'm A Twat Mug Stockists

On first inspection, this is an innocent and somewhat ordinary plain white coffee mug. It doesn't feature any pretty patterns or witty inscriptions, to reflect the personality of the drinker...or so it appears! We invite you to look again. This seemingly harmless looking mug offers a great joke to play on unsuspecting victims. When the drinker raises the mug to their lips to take a sip, the hidden: "I'm a twat" printed message on the mug's base will be revealed to all but the tea drinker himself. So, when it's your turn at work to make the teas or coffees (and that may seem like all of the time) you can now choose who to give...

'I'm A Twat Mug Deal' priced at £5.99  =>  Click for Deal


Smartphone Cleaner Stockists

Keep your smartphone clean at all times with this compact smartphone cleaner which you can use on your smartphone screen to keep it clear whenever you need to use it. The dual-action polished means that there are no more grubby fingerprints on your smartphone screen, as with just a few simple swipes your smartphone screen will remain clear for you to use.

'Smartphone Cleaner Deal' priced at £0.97  =>  Click for Deal


Thumbs Up! Pocket Click Selfie Stick Stockists

56 Advantage card points. This compact Selfie mono-pod that will change the way you take photos.The Pocket Click Stick is 17cm when folded, so it easily fits into your pocket or bag! No Bluetooth pairing or batteries needed. FREE Delivery on orders over 45 GBP.

'Thumbs Up! Pocket Click Selfie Stick Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


Thumbs Up World's Smallest Helicopter Stockists

This infra-red, 3 channel, remote controlled helicopter may be tiny, but it certainly makes up for its size with manoeuvrability. 9 x 5 x 2.2cm. Requires 4 AA batteries, supplied separately.Age 8+.

'Thumbs Up World's Smallest Helicopter Deal' priced at £39.99  =>  Click for Deal


3D Lamp Football Stockists

Amazing flat construction that transforms into an illuminated 3D object in 7 different coloured LEDs, seamlessly matching your decor or mood. USB power lead.Age 6+ 

'3D Lamp Football Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal


I'm With Stupid Mug Stockists

Get your mits on this sleek, white ceramic mug - perfect for the office or home. Only, all is not what it seems! Create a laugh out oud response from the moment you take a sip of coffee with this I'm With Stupid Mug! Subtly express your feelings about the person next to you without causing a full blown confrontation.   

'I'm With Stupid Mug Deal' priced at £0.10  =>  Click for Deal

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