Bargain Art Deco Complete Stockists

Bargain Art Deco Complete Stockists

Straddling two World Wars and the Great Depression ushering in the Jazz Age and the era of the automobile and skyscraper fomenting in the great cities of Europe and America and shaping everything from the Golden Gate Bridge to the humble desk lamp the story of Art Deco is the story of our modern world. In this book the most comprehensive account of the decorative arts of the Art Deco period ever assembled Alastair Duncan celebrates the styles rich variety of form and its diverse international roots as the very factors that make it a perennial favourite of modern collectors and designers. Sumptuously illustrated and written by one of the worlds leading experts Art Deco Complete" will be the definitive work on the subject for many years to come."

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Lone Star Prince eBook Stockists

THE LOYAL PROTECTOR Gregory Hunt had always been the best - whether he was handling the toughest legal cases in Texas or coming to the rescue of damsels in distress. Only, this particular damsel was one he had loved once before - the regal Princess Anna von Oberland, whose privileged position made her off-limits. Now she needed his help, and Gregory had to risk all to save her. Because under the watchful, yearning eyes of Anna's four-year-old son - whose handsome features strikingly resembled his own - this tried-and-true Texan sensed more urgency than ever! Five wealthy Texas bachelors - all members of the state's most exclusive...

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Ladybird Histories: The Battle of Hastings Stockists

Want to explore the past in detail? Then do it with Ladybird Histories, from the legendary experts who have got millions of curious kids reading. Books you can read all by yourself, packed with incredible knowledge and colour pictures. But this time, in a larger paperback format with a longer, more detailed text. This is history made fun – full of exciting facts that keep you turning the pages and get you prepped for school projects. With beautiful pictures that show exactly what’s going on, plus a who’s who, glossary and timeline. Start with this fun-filled look at the Battle of Hastings. But don’t stop at one book....

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Pass Your Test CD ROM Stockists

The AA's Pass Your Test CD-ROM features two CD-ROMs and includes all the official revision theory questions and answers including the new explanatory text to help learners revise for each question. Practise and take unlimited mock theory and hazard perception tests. Step-by-step video guides and animations explain driving manoeuvres and how to look after your vehicle. Features the latest Highway Code. PC and MAC compatible.

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Simon the Coldheart Stockists

Even as a fourteen-year-old orphan Simon Beauvallet knows his own mind. Later friend and foe alike will know better than to cross the flaxen-haired mountain of a man whose exploits in battle have earned him knighthood lands and gilded armour. After Agincourt he has no equal save the king himself in generalship - until his legendary prowess is baulked by a woman. In Normandy the icy rage of Simon the Coldheart" must melt - or quench Lady Margaret spitfire of Belremy."

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NYC Angels: Tempting Nurse Scarlet eBook Stockists

as previously and for me was all the much better for this. In retrospect it is maybe intended to be that way but I found certain parts of the plot unfinished. One of the better books in the NYC:Angels series whicn held your attention throughout. Ten out of ten

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Sharpe's Battle Stockists

Richard Sharpe is fighting for his Irish battalion and his own honour through the blood-stained streets of the town. Quartered in a crumbling Portuguese fort Richard Sharpe and his men are attacked by an elite French unit led by an old enemy of Sharpe s and suffer heavy losses. The army s high command blame Sharpe for the disaster and his military career seems to be ruined. His only hope is to redeem himself on the battlefield. So with his honour at stake against an overwhelming number of French troops Sharpe leads his men to battle in the narrow streets of Fuentes de Onoro. Soldier hero rogue - Sharpe is the man you...

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Peace at Last x 30 Stockists

Poor Mr Bear is desperate to get to sleep – but Mrs Bear is snoring, Baby Bear is playing and the clock is ticking! A classic picture book full of rhymes and repetitive sounds. #bookpacks-0816

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The Governess and the Sheikh ebook Stockists

Historical June 2011 Desire and the Desert King… Dark-hearted Sheikh Prince Jamil al-Nazarri commands his kingdom effortlessly…less so his difficult little daughter! Exasperated, he hires an English governess, hoping she’ll instil some much-needed discipline… Lady Cassandra Armstrong is the most unconventional governess Jamil has ever seen! With her siren’s body and impulsive passion, Cassie is as innocently alluring as she is forbidden. Famous for his unshakeable honour, the reticent Sheikh’s resolve is about to be tested…as his feelings for Cassie are anything but honourable!

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Let's Play! Animal Snap Stockists

A beautifully illustrated treat that combines a book and a game. Introduce pre-schoolers to colours through this interactive board book with game. Toddlers will love following the simple text, pressing out the cards and learning to play snap and pairs with the chunky, easy-to-grip playing cards embedded inside each spread.

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BT Kettering Stockists

# The BT Phonebook The BT Phone book is the complete telephone directory listing for your area, and helps you find products and services from businesses you know as well as from those you don't, along with all the local residential numbers you need in the same book - three directories in just one book.

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