Best Audio 630M Binaural Headset Stockists

Best Audio 630M Binaural Headset Stockists

Optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator, the multi-purpose Plantronics .Audio 630M headset delivers crisp voice communications and audio video capability. Boasting hi-fi stereo and USB-enhanced digital sound, the Audio 630M incorporates crisp wideband audio that heightens customers satisfaction through drastically reduced errors and repeats. Comfortable Design  A comfortable binaural design provides wearers with total-focus sound reduction and includes volume and mute controls right on the headset.The Audio 630 is designed for periodic use throughout the work day for immersive conference calls.

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LigoElectronicsLtdAudio 630M Binaural Headset£42.99 Visit Store

MO200 N3 Monaural Headset for Nokia

The Plantronics MO200 headset offers convertible convenience at a great price.Complete solution featuring a convertible headset with an inline unit for hookswitch and mute control. The headset is based on the DuoSet, and has been re-designed to enhance performance on mobile phones. The convertibility gives a choice between earloop and headband wearing styles, and is ideally suited to being a standard product for an organisation so that users can choose their own wearing style.Compatibility Nokia phones such as Nokia 6086, 6085, 6151, 7360, 7373, 6131, E50, N73, 3250, N93i, E63, 3250, N73 

'MO200 N3 Monaural Headset for Nokia Deal' priced at £71.99  =>  Click for Deal


Plantronics Explorer 500 - headset

Plantronics Explorer 500 - headset

'Plantronics Explorer 500 - headset Deal' priced at £34.56  =>  Click for Deal


Duopro SB Quint Headset

The Plantronics DuoPro headset is the ultimate in versatility. Available as an over the head configuration, the new DuoPro offers all day comfort and excellent sound quality. The breakthrough double T-pad headband and ergonomically designed ear-loop means the speaker pad does not press against your ear. Its noise-cancelling microphone includes a patent-pending anti-twist boom for perfect placement every time. No more 'voice fade'. The DuoPro features advanced speaker technology for optimal voice clarity, so if you are looking for extra productivity, comfort and style in one neat package, the DuoPro is the answer for...

'Duopro SB Quint Headset Deal' priced at £469.99  =>  Click for Deal


CS70N Quint Wireless Headset

Newly released from Plantronics, the CS 70N Noise cancelling headset offers the opportunity to communicate in style with its sleek and discrete design.Calls can be answered remotely at the touch of a button upto 90m away from the telephone system and gives the ultimate freedom to move around while the new noise cancelling micrphone eliminates the sounds in the background resulting in a clear telephone conversation.The CS70 N only weighs 22 grams, ensuring all-day wearing comfort without compromising style. Moreover, the headset has easy volume, mute, call answer and end, and talk indicator functions, and makes use of a unique...

'CS70N Quint Wireless Headset Deal' priced at £819.99  =>  Click for Deal


H171 Duopro Convertible Headset

Whether you're looking for an over-the-ear or an over-the-head design, the DuoPro headset offers premium sound quality with the added advantage of being specifically designed for intensive use. The innovative headband is ergonomically engineered to distribute weight evenly across the head - eliminating the need to press on just one ear and ensuring a comfortable fit. If you opt for the over the ear styling, a flexible earloop relieves pressure and easily adjusts to fit any user.

'H171 Duopro Convertible Headset Deal' priced at £77.99  =>  Click for Deal


Audio 622 PC USB Stereo Headset

Incredibly lightweight. Clear HD sound. The noise-cancelling microphone and Digital Signal Processing technology reduce echo and background sounds, and boost natural voice frequencies for the clearest and most natural-sounding conversations possible. The headset features digitally equalised 24-bit Hi-Fi stereo audio, meaning you get to enjoy on-line calls, on-line TV, music, games and more in true HD sound.

'Audio 622 PC USB Stereo Headset Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal


CS351 SupraPlus Twin Wireless Headset

Boost productivity in the workplace with the modern functional headset – the Plantronics CS351 SupraPlus. This product allows the user to perform more tasks at work as it gives real mobility and convenience. With an amplifier to plug on the phone unit and a charger for the headset, the user is guaranteed to have uninterrupted cordless phone conversations for hours on end. The CS351 is designed to fit today's office demands. Using advanced wireless headset technology, it provides the same superior audio clarity you would expect from a Plantronics headset. With a voice tube microphone, the headset can excellently filter...

'CS351 SupraPlus Twin Wireless Headset Deal' priced at £319.99  =>  Click for Deal


Plantronics Explorer 10/R - headset

Plantronics Explorer 10/R - headset

'Plantronics Explorer 10/R - headset Deal' priced at £13.14  =>  Click for Deal


AW450N SupraElite Monaural Headset for Avaya

The Plantronics SupraElite Monaural Headset for Avaya sets a standard in sound quality and is specially suitable for Avaya phone systems. It has a Noise Cancelling microphone making your calls of even better quality.

'AW450N SupraElite Monaural Headset for Avaya Deal' priced at £94.99  =>  Click for Deal


SupraPlus Binaural Vista Range HW361N

With the introduction of the SupraPlus headset, Plantronics sets new standards in headset design and style. With the wideband frequency response you gain improved listening comfort with clear natural sound, perfect for either Contact Centre or Office applications. The binaural design features a single cable design for increased comfort and convenience, this also includes the noise cancelling head piece. SupraPlus is supported by our 2-year warranty, and is compatible with all Plantronics adapters.

'SupraPlus Binaural Vista Range HW361N Deal' priced at £104.99  =>  Click for Deal

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